WATCH: Comic Amber Ruffin Shuts Down Right Wing Critical Race Theory Critics

On Friday, host and comedy¬†writer Amber Ruffin used her "How did we get here?" segment to respond to Critical Race…

12 hours ago

Rachel Maddow Dominates Hannity For The 6th Straight Month

The Rachel Maddow Show continued its run of dominance over Fox News, as she bested Sean Hannity for the sixth…

2 weeks ago

MSNBC Dominates Fox And Sets Record For Biden Speech

MSNBC not only beat CNN and Fox News, but they also set a viewership record as 4.1 million people watched…

1 month ago

Joe Scarborough Takes Down Jim Jordan for Spreading Lies, Conspiracy Theories About Dr. Anthony Fauci

Speaking on "Morning Joe" earlier this morning, MSNBC pundit Joe Scarborough criticized Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for his spreading lies…

2 months ago

Nicolle Wallace Bluntly Tells America That Republicans Are Trying To Rig Elections

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace cut through the nonsense and said that Republicans are terrified of any kind of voting that they…

2 months ago

Ex-Prosecutor Warns Gaetz Should Keep His Mouth Shut While Under Investigation

Speaking on MSNBC's "TheReidOut," ex-prosecutor Joyce Vance, who served as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama…

2 months ago

Rachel Maddow Dominates As Fox News Loses 30% Of Its Audience

Rachel Maddow drew a record 3.7 million viewers as she finished the first quarter of 2021 dominating Fox News and…

2 months ago

Rachel Maddow Shows How Republicans Will Have More Blood On Their Hands From White Supremacist Domestic Terror

Rachel Maddow put it all together and revealed how Republicans allowing Trump to continue to push his big lie would…

3 months ago

Nicolle Wallace Nails Fox News For Intentionally Spreading Vaccine Lies After Biden Won

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace said Fox News started spreading doubts about the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it was clear Biden…

3 months ago

For The First Time In History MSNBC Is The #1 Network On All Of Cable

For the first time in the history of the cable ratings, MSNBC was the top network overall, as the network…

3 months ago

WATCH: Former FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi Calls Flynn Pardon Another Obstruction of Justice

Donald Trump has quite a day on Wednesday. After deciding not to attend a meeting of Republicans in Gettysburg, PA,…

7 months ago

Trump’s Slams on RGB’s Granddaughter Will Repel Suburban Women Says Nicolle Wallace

During the 2018 midterms, the Democrats had a wave election, picking up 40 more House seats than Republicans. They won…

9 months ago

Jared Kushner Cancelled an MSNBC Appearance Last Minute, Then Went on Fox News

Despite his complete and utter lack of credentials, Donald Trump has given Jared Kushner a number of different tasks. One…

9 months ago

MSNBC Crushes Fox News On Night 1 Of The Democratic Convention

MSNBC's Democratic convention coverage anchored by Rachel Maddow beat Fox News all night and especially during Michelle Obama's speech.

10 months ago

MSNBC Dumps Trump’s Briefing For Not Being Newsworthy

MSNBC cut off Trump's coronavirus briefing after the network determined that Trump's comment contained no new or newsworthy information.

10 months ago

Schiff: Intelligence Suggests Nations Are Targeting Congress with Disinformation to Influence Election

Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, says intelligence suggests that multiple nations are targeting Congress with…

11 months ago

Pelosi on Trump: “Whether He Knows It Yet or Not, He Will Be Leaving”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has taken President Donald Trump to task after he declined to say whether he'll accept…

11 months ago

Rachel Maddow Puts The Blood Of Dead Meat Plant Workers On Trump’s Hands

Rachel Maddow showed how Trump is potentially killing thousands of meat plant workers by refusing to enforce federal virus safety…

1 year ago

Rachel Maddow Obliterates Trump’s Coronavirus Testing Lies

Rachel Maddow cut through Trump's happy talk and obliterated the administration's lies on coronavirus testing and availability in the US.

1 year ago

MSNBC Dumps Trump Briefing When He Plays A Propaganda Video

MSNBC cut away from Trump's coronavirus briefing when he tried to play a video that he said was from GM…

1 year ago

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