Rachel Maddow Is On One Night A Week But She Still Beat Sean Hannity In August

Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show only airs on Monday night, but she still drew more viewers than Fox News's Sean Hannity.

1 month ago

Rachel Maddow And MSNBC Obliterate Fox News On 1/6 Hearing Primetime Ratings

The Rachel Maddow anchored MSNBC coverage of the second primetime 1/6 Committee hearing was the most watched and drew millions…

2 months ago

MSNBC Beats Fox News For The Seventh Straight Time As Viewership Grows For 1/6 Hearings

For the seventh consecutive time, MSNBC's 1/6 Committee hearing coverage finished number one over Fox News.

3 months ago

MSNBC Names Alex Wagner To Take Over Rachel Maddow’s T-F Timeslot

MSNBC has announced that Alex Wagner will be the new T-F host of MSNBC's 9 PM hour.

3 months ago

MSNBC Dominates And Draws More Viewers Than Fox And CNN Combined For 1/6 Hearing

MSNBC drew more viewers than CNN and Fox News combined for their coverage of the second day of the 1/6…

4 months ago

Rachel Maddow And MSNBC Trounce Fox News In 1/6 Hearing Ratings

MSNBC drew 4.3 million viewers and trounced Fox News's regular programming with 1/6 hearing coverage.

4 months ago

Every Network Will Show The 1/6 Committee Hearings As GOP Nightmare Comes To Life

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC will televise the 1/6 Committee hearings live, only Fox News has yet to commit…

4 months ago

‘John Durham Made a Fool Out of Himself’: Scarborough and Panel Rock ‘Investigate the Investigators’

This morning, the entire team on Morning Joe tore into Special Prosecutor John Durham to shreds for his three-year-long snipe…

4 months ago

Rachel Maddow Shreds Rep. Barry Loudermilk And His Story On Leading Capitol Tours

Rachel Maddow took apart Rep. Barry Loudermilk's changing story about leading Capitol tours the day before the 1/6 attack.

4 months ago

The Right Is Blaming Rachel Maddow For Mass Shootings After Radicalizing Buffalo Killer

The Buffalo mass shooter was radicalized by Fox, Trump, and the GOP, but the right is blaming Rachel Maddow for…

5 months ago

Chuck Todd’s MTP Daily Gets Kicked To The Curb

NBC/MSNBC has announced that Chuck Todd's MTP Daily will be retitled and moved on to the streaming channel NBC News…

5 months ago

Viewers Flock Back To MSNBC For Rachel Maddow’s Return

MSNBC has seen its 9 PM hour viewership nearly double in Rachel Maddow's first week back.

6 months ago

MSNBC Viewership Grows More Than Fox And CNN Combined

MSNBC's growth has exploded since 2015 as they increased viewership by 160%, which is more than Fox News and CNN…

10 months ago

Judge Banned MSNBC, But Allowed Tucker Carlson Into A Secure Area To Film Kyle Rittenhouse Documentary

The same judge who banned MSNBC from the courthouse had no problem with allowing Fox News and Tucker Carlson into…

11 months ago

Rittenhouse Judge Turns The Trial Into A Farce By Banning MSNBC

The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has taken the step of banning MSNBC from entering the courthouse.

11 months ago

José Díaz-Balart Makes History As He Will Take Over Weekdays At 10 AM On MSNBC

José Díaz-Balart will be the only anchor to host newscasts in both English and Spanish on broadcast and cable when…

1 year ago

MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster Jumped By Screaming Mississippi White Guy While Reporting On Ida

MSNBC's Shaq Brewster was filing a live report from Mississippi on Hurricane Ida when a screaming white man jumped into…

1 year ago

Rachel Maddow Signs A New Contract And Is Staying At MSNBC

Rachel Maddow has reportedly agreed to a new contract that will keep her at MSNBC for years to come, but…

1 year ago

Opinion: #Cancel Culture: Jeffery Toobin, Chris Matthews, and Journalism

Recently, former MSNBC host Chris Matthews published “This Country,” his memoir of major historical moments in America. You may have…

1 year ago

WATCH: Comic Amber Ruffin Shuts Down Right Wing Critical Race Theory Critics

On Friday, host and comedy writer Amber Ruffin used her "How did we get here?" segment to respond to Critical Race…

1 year ago