Jen Psaki Shows Why Trump’s Threats Against MSNBC Are Threats To Democracy

Jen Psaki Shows Why Trump’s Threats Against MSNBC Are Threats To Democracy

Those who want to dismiss Trump's threats to MSNBC and other media are ignoring the former President's threats to democracy.

3 months ago

MSNBC Cancels The Medhi Hasan Show

MSNBC has canceled host Medhi Hasan's streaming and cable network shows and will instead move him to an on-air analyst…

3 months ago

Trump Threatens To Take MSNBC Off The Air If He Returns To Power

Donald Trump threatened MSNBC and their use of government airwaves in the most blatant expression of his plan to crack…

3 months ago

MSNBC Is Now Starting To Beat Fox News Thanks To Trump Indictments

Trump's legal woes have powered MSNBC to close the viewer gap with top-rated Fox News and on some occasions beat…

6 months ago

The New Fox News Primetime Lineup Is Bombing As Rating Crumble

Fox News is still the top cable network, but MSNBC is now a close number two, and the primetime lineup…

7 months ago

Rachel Maddow Laughs At Trump Confessing On Tape To Having Classified Docs

Rachel Maddow played the tape of Trump confessing and appearing to show classified materials to others in the room and…

8 months ago

Rep. James Comer Calls MSNBC Viewers Low IQ As His Biden Pay For Play Scandal Flops

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) complained about the media not covering his debunked Biden pay for play allegations…

8 months ago

Opinion: Sexist Media Culture Enabled Tucker Carlson And Don Lemon

There's been a spate of "effective immediately" media separations in the last 24 hours: NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell was the…

10 months ago

Rachel Maddow And MSNBC Refuse To Broadcast Untrue Things So They Didn’t Air Trump’s Speech

Rachel Maddow explained on MSNBC that they didn't feel that Trump's speech was newsworthy, and they refused to broadcast untrue…

11 months ago

MSNBC Fires Tiffany Cross And There Is Already Speculation Jen Psaki Could Replace Her

MSNBC abruptly decided not to renew the contract of Tiffany Cross and canceled her show The Cross Connection immediately. It…

1 year ago