Justin Amash Is Not Alone As A Few Republicans Agree With Him on Impeachment

Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan said a few other Republicans have privately expressed sympathy to his view that President Trump should be impeached.

Robert Mueller Fears the Truth is Political So He Won’t Testify Publicly

Robert Mueller seems to have succumbed to his party's attacks on truth, which is truly unfortunate for this nation and a black mark on the Republican's resume.

Mueller's team has expressed reticence to him testifying publicly because they do not want him to appear "political."

Rachel Maddow: ‘How Is The President Not Being Impeached For Obstruction Of Justice Right Now?’

Rachel Maddow only had one question following the explosive news that people connected to the White House and Congress tried to obstruct the Russia probe.

Trump’s Mueller Problem Gets Worse As Voters Want Him To Testify

By a margin of 56%-19%, a new poll shows that voters across the political spectrum want special counsel Robert Mueller to testify.

Democrats In Talks For Mueller To Testify Within The Next Two Weeks

Democrats are in talks with Robert Mueller to get him to testify before the House Judiciary Committee within the next two weeks.

Republican Congressman Will Hurd Calls On Mueller To Testify

Will Hurd Mueller testify

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) broke ranks with the rest of his party and called on special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the House.

Jerry Nadler Shoots Down Trump’s Executive Privilege Claim To Hide The Mueller Report

Nadler Trump Executive Privilege Mueller report

House Judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler shot down Trump's claim of executive privilege to hide the Mueller report.

Jerry Nadler Tells Barr No Deal As Contempt Vote Is On

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler rejected AG Barr's water down offer made to avoid a contempt vote.

Barr Caves And Offers Democrats More Mueller Report Access

Barr offers more Mueller report to Democrats

With a contempt vote looming, Attorney General William Barr made an offer to House Judiciary Democrats to provide slightly more access to the Mueller report.

GOP Tries to ‘Close’ Russia Probe With Only 2 Members Having Access To Unredacted Mueller Report

Republicans are cheerleaders for the Donald Trump Cult, not actual members of Congress who are upholding their sworn duty to this country.

Hypocrite Chuck Grassley Once Held an AG In Contempt Over Navy Cost Overruns

As Democrats prepare a contempt citation for AG Barr, rpepare for some high pitched Republican histrionics as they attempt to shield this president from Congress knowing the extent of his contacts with Russia. In contrast, there's that time Republican Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), who is on the Committee on the Judiciary, cited an Attorney General for contempt, without proper authorization, over Navy shipyard contracts.

Mueller Agrees To Testify On May 15, As Trump’s Nightmare Comes True

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is tentatively scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on May 15.

A Servile Trump Admits He Did Not Tell Putin to Stop Meddling In Our Elections

President Trump failed to bring up Russian President Vladimir Putin's meddling in our elections when they spoke for an hour today, and also failed to tell Putin not to meddle in the upcoming election.

Jerry Nadler Gives Barr Until 9 AM Monday To Turn Over Mueller Evidence Or Be Held In Contempt

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler has given Attorney General Barr until 9 AM Monday to turn over the full Mueller report and evidence or be held in contempt of Congress.

Member of Congress Tells Mueller To Defy Trump and Testify

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) said that Robert Mueller should testify before the House even if Trump tries to block him.

Jerry Nadler Torches Barr And Vows Trump Will Not Become A Monarch

Jerry Nadler William Barr House Judiciary Committee

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) ripped AG Barr while vowing to make sure that Trump will not become a monarch.

Rachel Maddow: Indications Barr Ordered The End Of Mueller Probe

Rachel Maddow Barr ended the Mueller investigation

Rachel Maddow said that there are indications thatAttorney General William Barr ordered the end of the Mueller investigation in March..

Mueller’s Newly Released Letter Is Proof That Barr Must Be Impeached

Special Counsel Robert Mueller pushed newly handpicked Attorney General William Barr *twice* to release the summaries his investigative team prepared for the public, both before and after Barr misled the public about the team's conclusions, according to a letter released Wednesday.