This is Why Trump Is Desperate to Stop Lewandowski from Testifying

The Mueller report revealed Lewandowski knew what he was doing was wrong regarding helping Trump obstruct justice.‬

Rachel Maddow Says The Media Narrative Following Mueller’s Testimony Was All Wrong

Despite the narrative that Mueller's hearing will doom any impeachment efforts, Maddow pointed out that just the opposite seems to be true a day later.

Mueller Intentionally Put Trump Not Exonerated In His Report

Robert Mueller admitted that he intentionally made it clear that his report did not exonerate Trump.

Mueller Refuses To Say That Trump Didn’t Conspire With The Russians

Mueller Trump Russia conspiracy

Republicans tried to get Mueller to say that Trump didn't criminally conspire with Russia, but he refused to make that statement.

Republicans Scream No Collusion And Mueller Looks Them In The Eye And Shoots Them Down

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) lied and said Mueller found no collusion. The former special counsel immediately knocked down his lie.

Ted Lieu Says Mueller’s Testimony Will Confirm That Trump Is A Felon

The Democratic lawmaker said the committee he sits on will take Mueller's testimony as an opportunity to expose the president's crimes.

Opinion: Mueller’s Testimony Will Show Us The Ways To Say There Was Collusion and Obstruction

Democrats are hoping that Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday will show us all the ways you can say there was “collusion” and there was obstruction.

In reality, there was evidence to show that Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. Since then, Donald Trump has done everything imaginable and beyond that to obstruct the facts. read more

Trump Just Showed His Fear Of Robert Mueller’s Testimony

While speaking to reporters, Trump tried to preemptively discredit Robert Mueller before the special counsel testifies on Wednesday.

Mueller Testimony Delayed As Democrats Want More Time For Questions

Robert Mueller's testimony was delayed for a week until July 24, because Democrats are negotiating for an extra hour to question the former special counsel.

Trump’s Lawyer Says President Won’t Block Mueller From Testifying

Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow said that the president will not block Robert Mueller from testifying before two House committees.

Adam Schiff Is Ready For Barr’s Interference In Mueller’s Testimony

Schiff Barr Mueller testify

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sounded ready and prepared as he expects Attorney General Barr to interfere with Mueller's testimony.

Nadler Hints That He Will Subpoena Mueller To Testify Soon

Nadler Mueller

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that he would subpoena Robert Mueller to testify way before the end of summer.

Opinion: John Dean Wipes Out the Republican Kiddie Caucus

John Dean Matt Gaetz

Within the first few minutes of his opening statement, John Dean showed us he was ready and able to wipe out the Republican Kiddie Caucus.

Democrats Win As Barr Turns Over Mueller’s Trump Obstruction Evidence

Democrats have won a major victory as Attorney General William Barr has agreed to turn over Mueller's evidence on Trump obstruction of justice.

Former GOP Rep Urges Nancy Pelosi To Give A Primetime Address Making The Case For Impeachment

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should deliver a primetime address to the nation making the case for impeachment.

Adam Schiff Will Subpoena Robert Mueller To Testify

Adam Schiff Mueller subpoena

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said that he would like Mueller to voluntarily testify, but he will subpoena the former special counsel if he refuses.

Malcolm Nance Says It’s Time To Stop Calling William Barr The Attorney General

Barr is free to take a job with Fox News, but his conduct and rhetoric show that he has no business being the attorney general.

Rachel Maddow Says Bill Barr Has Given Mueller A New Opening To Accuse Trump Of Crimes

If Mueller does testify before Congress, he should follow Barr's new policy and tell lawmakers which crimes he believes Trump may have committed. 

Fox Watching Republican Shocked To Learn That Mueller Didn’t Exonerate Trump

A woman at Rep. Justin Amash's recent town hall was confused because she votes Republican listens to conservative news and she had never heard anything about the Mueller report not exonerating Trump.

Rachel Maddow Says Congress Has No Choice But To Act After Mueller’s Public Statement

Rachel Maddow said Mueller's public remarks leave Congress no choice but to use their authority to hold Donald Trump accountable.