Special Report: Children poisoned by lead on U.S. Army bases as hazards ignored

By Joshua Schneyer and Andrea Januta

FORT BENNING, Georgia (Reuters) – Army Colonel J. Cale Brown put his life on the line in two tours of duty in Afghanistan, earning a pair of Bronze Stars for his service. In between those deployments, Brown received orders to report to Fort Benning, the sprawling Georgia base that proudly describes itself as the century-old home of the U.S. infantry. read more

Pittsburgh Police Preparing For Riots Should Trump Fire Mueller

Instead of providing reassurance that Mr. Trump was not considering firing Robert  Mueller or Rod Rosenstein, Trump provided a cryptic response to a reporter yesterday asking whether “he had decided it not worth the political fallout”  to fire either of the men associated with the Russian investigation. read more

Creator of Pepe the Frog Is Suing InfoWars For Copyright Infringement

Matt Furie, the artist behind the internet famous cartoon Pepe the Frog, is suing Alex Jones, founder of the alt-right conspiracy theory website InfoWars.

While Pepe had long been a popular meme online, the character was co-opted by the alt-right during the 2016 election and images of him quickly became some of the most frequently used among racist, sexist, homophobic trolls on social media. read more

Eagles Player Chris Long Donated All Of His 2017 Game Earnings, Won’t Attend Super Bowl Celebration At White House

Eagles team member Chris Long is continuing to prove he stands by his values by refusing to visit the White House, should President Trump invite the team to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. This comes after his decision to donate his entire 2017 game earnings to different organizations dedicated to providing equal education opportunities. read more

6 Idiots Arrested After The Patriots’ Super Bowl Loss Sparks Riot In Massachusetts

An angry crowd of roughly 2,000 people gathered at the University of Massachusetts Amherst last night after The New England Patriots lost 41-33 to The Eagles in this year’s Super Bowl.

The gathering first appeared to mostly consist of students yelling “Fuck The Eagles!” but eventually devolved into a violent scene, resulting in six people being arrested and 12 having to be taken to the hospital. read more

Kushner Firm Has To Reveal Its Business Partners By February 9, Rules Federal Judge

Kushner Cos., a real estate company once run by Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, can no longer keep the names of some of its business partners in Maryland private. U.S. District Court Judge James K. Bredar ruled on Friday that one of the company’s subsidiaries, Westminster Management, must reveal the names of its partners by Feb. 9 in an unsealed document. read more

The FCC Is Going To Investigate The False Nuclear Missile Alert That Sent Hawaii Into Panic

Hawaii was sent into panic on Saturday after residents received a push alert on their cell phones warning them that the state was under nuclear attack. It was later confirmed that the message was sent out accidentally after an employee mistakenly pushed the button triggering its release. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it would be investigating what happened. read more