Paul Ryan Begs Republicans Not To Bully Donald Trump

Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) showed a special level of spinelessness as he begged House Republicans not to bully Trump on his tariffs.

The Washington Post reported, “The morning meeting came as Republican lawmakers grasped for a strategy to persuade Trump to change his mind, with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), who had loudly criticized the plan on Monday, telling members in a closed-door meeting not to bully Trump on the decision. He said it could backfire and make things even worse.” read more

Paul Ryan Is Committing An Offense Bordering On Treason By Enabling The Secret Memo

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is turning a blind eye and supporting Devin Nunes in his treasonous secret memo effort to kill the Russia investigation.


CNN’s Manu Raju reported, “There is a lot of support within the Republican conference on the house side to move forward and release this memo. The speaker Paul Ryan, his office, in fact, is making it very clear, they also are supporting whatever Devin Nunes ultimately decides to do, a spokesperson for the — for Ryan’s office just told me moments ago that they’re deferring to Nunes about this, not the first time they deferred to Nunes in his ongoing dispute with the justice department. So, Brianna, a lot of questions ahead of this key meeting tonight about whether or not a vote, but if there is one, very likely enough support to send it over to the white house, which makes the decision about whether to object to its release or allow its release. We know the president himself is inclined to allow it to be released.” read more