Opinion: Trump And Republicans Are Intent On Decimating America’s Democracy

At the rate Republicans, led by Trump, are attempting to stop voting, it is glaringly apparent they hate democracy nearly as much as they detest the U.S. Constitution. When Donald Trump refused to say if he would allow a peaceful transfer of power if he does not win re-election, it should have sent a shockwave of outrage throughout the population; that it did not informs that Americans are well aware that Republicans do not subscribe to the notion of representative democracy. read more

Republican-Led Senate Passes Motion Committing to Peaceful Transition of Power

The Republican-controlled Senate passed a resolution on committing to a peaceful transition of power after the November presidential election, though the measure was introduced by a Democrat.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who is often considered the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, proposed the resolution following President Donald Trump comment’s refusing to commit to leaving office. read more