Democrats In Both The Senate And House Are Crushing Republicans In Fundraising For Elections

Enthusiasm (and a sense of urgency) on the left has been a huge help to the fundraising efforts of Democrats up for election this November.

Numbers released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal that Democrats in both the Senate and the House are drastically outdoing Republicans in GOP-held districts and states where Trump was victorious in 2016. read more

GOP Rep. Charlie Dent Announces He Won’t Bother Completing His Term Before Retiring, Will Leave In May

The Republican Party’s exodus from Congress continues as Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent announced on Tuesday that he plans on leaving office in May. This is earlier than previously expected.

Dent is among the 43rd House GOP member to say they won’t be running for re-election — some have opted to retire, some have resigned, and some have left for the private sector or to run for a different political office. read more

Fearing His Criminal Stench White House Aides Refuse To Advise Trump

White House aides are refusing to advise Trump on his response to the Michael Cohen raid because they don’t want to be dragged into the criminal investigation.
The New York Times reported, “As his lawyers went to court in New York on Friday to try to block prosecutors from reading files that were seized from the personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, this week, Mr. Trump found himself increasingly isolated in mounting a response. He continued to struggle to hire a new criminal lawyer, and some of his own aides were reluctant to advise him about a response for fear of being dragged into a criminal investigation themselves.” read more