Trump’s Dossier Conspiracy Collapses As DOJ Finds Steele Credible

DOJ investigators interviewed Christopher Steele for 16 hours, and they came away finding him to be surprising and credible.

Trump’s House Enablers Are Planning An All Out Attack On Mueller

Republicans are fine with Mueller testifying because they are planning to use the hearing to attack and smear the former special counsel.

Jimmy Carter Calls Trump Illegitimate And Says He Didn’t Win In 2016

Former president Jimmy Carter said that a full investigation would reveal that Donald Trump didn't actually win the 2016 election.

Trump Dooms Himself In 2020 With 7 Seconds Of Joking With Putin

Trump jokes with Putin

Trump joked with Putin at the G20 about Russia interfering in the 2020 election and were all smiles when asked about Russia attacking US elections.

Trump’s Nightmare Continues As Robert Mueller Will Testify Before Congress On July 17

The new development will ensure that the saga surrounding Mueller's report – and the crimes laid out in the document – will continue for Trump.

Adam Schiff Subpoenas Felix Sater After He Doesn’t Show Up For Interview

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has subpoenaed Felix Sater after he didn't show up for an interview.

Hope Hicks Confirms That Trump Welcomed Russian 2016 Election Attack

Hope Hicks confirmed to the House Judiciary Committee that Donald Trump welcomed Russia's attack on the 2016 election, and was relieved by it.

GOP Congressman Says It’s Okay That Trump Committed Crimes Because The Economy Is Good

Republican supporters of Trump now think it's okay for the president to be a criminal if the economy is growing and the jobless rate is falling.

The Trump-Barr DOJ Just Intervened To Give Paul Manafort Special Treatment In Prison

Under William Barr, the Department of Justice – which exists to protect the rule of law in the U.S. – has become a complete joke.

Democrats Prepare To Repeal DOJ Rule That Prevents Presidents From Being Indicted

Trump has shown that this decades-old guideline barring criminal presidents from being indicted most definitely needs to be revised.

‘Unthinkable’: Mitt Romney Trashes Trump For Welcoming More Election Interference In 2020

Trump's comments this week that he would welcome (more) foreign election interference in 2020 struck a nerve with some GOP lawmakers.

Sen. Mark Warner Has A 3 Part Plan To Stop The Russians From Helping Trump

Mark Warner

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) has a three-part plan that would stop the Russians from interfering in future elections to help Republicans and Trump.

Andrew McCabe Says Mueller Spoke Out Because Trump and Barr Misrepresented His Report

Andrew McCabe Mueller

Andrew McCabe said that in his view Robert Mueller spoke out because he was concerned about the way that Trump and Barr distorted his report.

Trump Proves His Illegitimacy By Admitting Russia Helped Get Him Elected

Trump admitted for the first time that the Russias helped him get elected in 2016, but he claims that there was no crime.

Rachel Maddow Says Congress Has No Choice But To Act After Mueller’s Public Statement

Rachel Maddow said Mueller's public remarks leave Congress no choice but to use their authority to hold Donald Trump accountable.

‘Act Now Or Lose Our Democracy’: O’Rourke Urges Congress To Follow Mueller’s Impeachment Roadmap

Robert Mueller's comments didn't only make a liar out of attorney general William Barr, but they provided Congress a clear roadmap.

Sen. Mark Warner Says Mueller Will Have To Testify If Democrats Demand It

The Virginia senator said it is likely that Democrats in the House will still call on Mueller to testify and he will have to comply.