Rachel Maddow Destroys The Conspiracy Theory That Trump Was Spied On During The Campaign

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow crushed the conspiracy theory that the government spied on the Trump campaign by pointing out that foreign governments caught Trump people constantly interacting with Russians.

Rachel Maddow Drops The Truth On Trump Spied On Conspiracy Theory

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Rachel Maddow Explains Why Impeachment Hearings Might Be The Only Way To Get Mueller’s Evidence

While Barr may think his actions are protecting his Trump, they are only increasing the chances that Democrats will formally open an impeachment inquiry. 

Barr Refuses To Say If He Briefed Trump On The Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr refuses to answer whether or not he briefed Trump and the White House on the Mueller report.

Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump’s Mueller Report Cover-Up Is Imploding

Trump may have thought Barr's initial four-page summary was a boost for him, but it has quickly turned into a full-fledged disaster.

Mueller’s Team Says There Is Compelling Evidence Of Trump/Russia Collusion

Robert Mueller's team is frustrated and speaking out because the Mueller report is said to contain compelling and alarming evidence on collusion and obstruction of justice.

Rachel Maddow: Mueller’s People Are Starting To Speak Out Against Barr and Trump

Rachel Maddow pointed out that what Barr and Trump are doing to Mueller's report is rubbing people associated with the investigation the wrong way and they are starting to speak out.

Mueller’s Investigators Are Talking And What They Are Saying Is Bad News For Trump

Investigators who worked on the Mueller investigation are talking and confirming suspicions that William Barr misled on the damaging info for Trump in the Mueller report.

Democrats Say Turn Over The Full Mueller Report Or We’re Going To Court

Trump lie Mueller findings

House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) told Attorney General William Barr to turn over the full Mueller report or get ready for court.

House Judiciary Votes 24-17 To Subpoena The Full Mueller Report

House Democrats took the first big step toward obtaining the full Mueller report as the Judiciary Committee voted 24-17 to subpoena the report.

Rachel Maddow Sounds Alarm: Barr Is Redacting The Mueller Report ‘Within An Inch Of Its Life’

Democrats aren't afraid to go to the mat to get the complete Mueller report. Polling shows that the American people are with them.

‘So What?’: Jerry Nadler Shrugs Off Trump’s Childish Bullying And Vows To Get Mueller’s Report

It's no surprise now that the president is attacking the same lawmakers – Reps. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff – driving the effort to get Mueller's report.

Rep. Ted Lieu Hints That The Mueller Report Could Lead To Trump’s Resignation

Donald Trump is trying to normalize unethical behavior by claiming it's okay so long as he doesn't get implicated in a crime.