Trump Compelled Five Former Federal Prosecutors To Seek House Seats As Democrats

Thanks to the chaos Trump continues to unleash with everything he does, five former federal prosecutors have decided to seek House seats — and they’re running as Democrats.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Chris Hunter resigned from the job he’d held at the Justice Department for over a decade in December, prompted by Trump’s behavior and the changes in dynamics he witnessed. He listed Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey, his belittling of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio as just some of the reasons he left. read more

Facebook Will Start Showing Users More Local News To Encourage Civic Engagement In Local Politics

One of the most important, if not the most important, goals of The Resistance movement is to get people to participate in local politics rather than just voting every four years in presidential elections. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears to be taking this seriously, because on Monday, he announced that the site would begin showing users more news from outlets in their own towns and cities. read more

Opinion: The Time Has Come To Abolish Republican And Democratic Parties

The time has come to take a long hard look at abolishing the Democratic and Republican political parties. America stands divided politically, socially and economically and the seed of division has been planted in our government. Party affiliation has taken precedent over common sense and country. Republicans and Democrats alike, push and pull for power within government, taking what amounts to blood money from lobbyists, special interest groups, and corporations that have no intention of serving the greater good. read more

58 Democrats Bust McConnell for Plan to Vote on Graham-Cassidy Without a CBO Score

The Democrats point out that healthcare is a public policy most likely to to profoundly affect someone's life, and should be done responsibly and transparently, and additionally they reminded the Republican Senator of regular order which he is ignoring once again, "Since February 1975, Congress, the press, and the citizenry have relied on the non-partisan CBO to produce formal cost estimates for nearly every bill approved by a full committee in either chamber of Congress."

Opinion: Trumps Preferred Weapon of Mass Destruction is Fox News

The greatest trick the devil ever performed was to convince the world that he did not exist. However, he was unable to carry out this illusion alone. Donald Trump has figured this out and enlisted his very own shepherd to spread his malevolent message. Fox News and it's resident dolt, Sean Hannity, play the part of messenger of misinformation and political distortion.

Opinion: Koch Brothers Personify The Subversion of American Democracy

The Koch brothers represent a problem that subverts and strangles the ideology of the democratic process. Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries have thrust themselves in the midst of our government with the root of all evil: Money. Make no mistake, they have been welcomed with open arms by a government short on ideas and long on greed.