Opinion: Trumps Preferred Weapon of Mass Destruction is Fox News

The greatest trick the devil ever performed was to convince the world that he did not exist. However, he was unable to carry out this illusion alone. Donald Trump has figured this out and enlisted his very own shepherd to spread his malevolent message. Fox News and it's resident dolt, Sean Hannity, play the part of messenger of misinformation and political distortion.

Opinion: Koch Brothers Personify The Subversion of American Democracy

The Koch brothers represent a problem that subverts and strangles the ideology of the democratic process. Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries have thrust themselves in the midst of our government with the root of all evil: Money. Make no mistake, they have been welcomed with open arms by a government short on ideas and long on greed.

Stand Firm And Keep Your Eyes On The Prize As Democrats Have Just Begun To Fight

Democrats have one big, glaring downfall when it comes to the war against Republican obstruction and denial of the democratic process. It's something that each one of you have control over

Democrats Stand United Behind March for Truth Protesters and Vow Not to Stand Down

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi praised the "courageous voices" of the people taking to the streets to demand answers and facts, saying House Democrats were behind them and would not "stand down."

Democrats Rock Trump By Reminding He’s Obligated By Law to Pay Obamacare Subsidies

Top Democrats sent a letter Wednesday to remind Donald Trump that it's his obligation under the law to pay Obamacare's subsidies.

Bernie Sanders Draws Big Crowds For Rob Quist As Montana Special Election Gets Closer To Toss Up

Sen. Bernie Sanders spent the weekend barnstorming Montana for Democratic candidate Rob Quist, and by Monday, the House special election in the state had been moved closer to being a toss up.

The Resistance Takes Mocking Of Trump To A New High But Can’t Top The White House Crazy

On the day that Donald Trump announced he might just cancel White House briefings and the White House just stopped answering the phone all together, a woman posted to Facebook pictures she's putting in random bushes of a cutout of the top half of Sean Spicer's head.

12 Arrested Outside The White House As The Resistance Protests Trump’s Budget

A dozen people were arrested as more than one thousand members of The Resistance protested the Trump budget's massive cuts to social programs and funding for his wall with Mexico.