Unions/workers rights

Biden Delivers A Happier Holiday To Millions As Unemployment Claims Drop To Lowest Level Since 1969

President Biden is overseeing an economy that has unemployment over the last four week have hit its lowest level since…

10 months ago

Amazon Workers Allowed to Re-Vote for a Union After Corporate Interference

A National Labor relations Board (NLRB) hearing officer determined Amazon’s interference in the election warrants another vote.

1 year ago

TVA votes to close two coal power plants, in blow to Trump

The Tennessee Valley Authority voted on Thursday to close two coal-fired power plants, including one in Kentucky that was mostly…

4 years ago

Los Angeles teachers strike for higher pay, 640,000-student system shuts

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - More than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers demanding higher pay walked off the job in the second-largest…

4 years ago

Los Angeles teachers set for first strike in 30 years on Monday

By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - More than 30,000 teachers were expected to walk off the job in public…

4 years ago

Air traffic controllers’ union sues over unpaid work during government shutdown

By Daniel Wiessner (Reuters) - A union that represents thousands of U.S. air traffic controllers filed a lawsuit against the…

4 years ago

Kentucky Supreme Court tosses Republican pension law

By Karen Pierog CHICAGO (Reuters) - The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday threw out a law aimed at addressing the…

4 years ago

Chicago’s focus turns to pensions after budget approval

By Karen Pierog CHICAGO (Reuters) - The Chicago City Council on Wednesday gave overwhelming approval to the final budget proposed…

4 years ago

Coal union boosts giving to Democrats as hopes dim for industry revival

The United Mine Workers of America has donated nearly 84 percent of its money to Democratic candidates and committees in…

4 years ago

Where Trump flipped counties, worker incomes grow more slowly

In the 220 counties that flipped from voting for Democratic candidate Barack Obama in 2012 to Republican candidate Donald Trump…

4 years ago

Missouri voters reject ‘right-to-work’ law in major win for unions

Voters in Missouri on Tuesday overwhelmingly decided to strike down a so-called "right-to-work" law barring the collection of fees from…

4 years ago

Worker dies from injuries in west Texas pipeline blaze

One worker died after a fire and series of pipeline explosions two days ago in Midland County, Texas, officials said…

4 years ago