Alex Castellanos Accuses Democrats of Being the Extremists

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos took to a CNN op-ed to accuse the Democrats of extremism, asking “Are Democrats more extreme than the GOP?

The answer seems obvious. No. But Castellanos seems to think refusing to bow to the demands of extortionists and economic terrorists makes you an extremist. That’s funny, because when the U.S. stands up as a nation and does what the Democrats are doing, it is seen as strength and something to be lauded rather than condemned. read more

If the GOP Gets its Way the USA Will be DOA

“We’re taking our toys – and yours – and going home!”

Tea party Republicans have opted out of the United States. They have ceased to participate in our democracy. Where political power is supposed to derive from the people, the tea party derives its power from corporations. It speaks for corporations, it acts for corporations. It has never spoken or acted for the American people. And now with the shutdown it has made clear that it never will. read more