Mitch McConnell

It Looks Like Democrats Outsmarted Mitch McConnell On The Inflation Reduction Act

Mitch McConnell had threatened to block the vital bill to increase semiconductor production if Democrats moved forward with reconciliation, so…

2 weeks ago

Mitch McConnell Just Walked Intro A Democratic Trap

Senate Minority Mitch McConnell walked into a big Democratic trap when he claimed that lowering the cost of prescription drugs…

4 weeks ago

Mitch McConnell Jeopardizes National Security To Keep People From Getting Cheaper Prescription Drugs

Senate Minority Leader has threatened to jeopardize national security unless Democrats stop trying to pass prescription drug reform.

1 month ago

Mitch McConnell Is The One Person Responsible For Kids Still Being Shot In School

The common thread through decades of Senate inaction on gun violence is Sen. Mitch McConnell obstructing gun reform.

3 months ago

Rand Paul is Feuding with Mitch McConnell Over Ukraine Aid

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) responded to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's criticism that he is an "isolationist" for voting against…

3 months ago

Mitch McConnell Accuses Democrats Of Threatening SCOTUS In Roe Distraction

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Democrats and the Supreme Court leaker are threatening SCOTUS.

3 months ago

Mitch McConnell Told Journalist That Trump “Discredited Himself” with 1/6

McConnell was "exhilarated" by the potential damage of the January 6 insurrection on former President Donald Trump.

4 months ago

Mitch McConnell Knew About Trump’s Coup And Said Nothing

Trump told Mitch McConnell about his coup to flip election results in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, but McConnell stayed silent.

4 months ago

Mitch McConnell Shows How Very Low He Is Willing To Go

Mitch McConnell was asked where his moral red lines are, and he made it clear that he has none.

4 months ago

Spineless Mitch McConnell Defends Clarence Thomas After News of Ginni Thomas’s 1/6 Involvement

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) defended Justice Clarence Thomas, criticizing “clumsy bullying from the political branches” over Thomas's handling…

5 months ago

Mitch McConnell Walks Away When Asked To Condemn Accused Wife And Child Beater Eric Greitens

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to respond to reporters' questions when asked about accusations that Senate candidate Eric Greitens…

5 months ago

Mitch McConnell Begs America To Ignore Putin’s Takeover Of The GOP

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to play off the Putin GOP as a few lonely voices and urged America…

5 months ago

Mitch McConnell Was The Problem As Senate Democrats Pass Wave Of Bipartisan Bills

Under Chuck Schumer's leadership, America is seeing that Mitch McConnell was the problem, not the Senate.

5 months ago

Republicans Are At Each Other’s Throats As Rick Scott Goes After Mitch McConnell

The Rick Scott and Mitch McConnell feud took another turn as Scott went after McConnell for not wanting to raise…

5 months ago

Mitch McConnell Looks Ill As Biden Lists His Economic Successes At SOTU

Mitch McConnell looked like he could see his chance of winning the Senate majority slipping away as Biden listed his…

6 months ago

America Is Back As Schumer And McConnell Send Bipartisan Warning To Putin

Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell released a joint Senate statement of solidarity with Ukraine.

6 months ago

GOP In Disarray As Mitch McConnell Goes After The RNC And Calls 1/6 A Violent Insurrection

The chaos and division are growing in the Republican Party as Mitch McConnell expressed his disagreement with the RNC on…

6 months ago

Mitch McConnell Falls Apart When Asked How Many Black Women Are On His DC Staff

Mitch McConnell was asked at a press conference how many black women work on his staff, and he said he…

6 months ago

Thanks To Mitch McConnell, Republicans Can’t Stop Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that President Biden's Supreme Court nominee will get a prompt hearing in the Senate,…

7 months ago

Mitch McConnell Says Calling Out His Racism Hurts His Feelings

After being criticized for a statement that suggested that African-Americans aren't Americans, Mitch McConnell said that calling him racist is…

7 months ago