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Hypocrite Susan Collins Urges Senate to “Take Our Time” Considering Judicial Nominee to Replace Stephen Breyer

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) urged her colleagues to “take our time” considering a judicial nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who officially announced his retirement yesterday. “As you know, I felt that the timetable for the last nominee was too compressed,” Collins told reporters. “This time there is no need for any rush….


Senators Klobuchar and Collins Reintroduce Legislation to Fund Cybersecurity Training for Election Officials

Former President Donald Trump’s administration knocked down cybersecurity bills more than once despite concerns that foreign adversaries were once again interfering in the United States‘ elections. Amid all of this, calls to fund cybersecurity training for election officials intensified. Now, thanks to Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), a bill to do just…

Trump refuses to say why he blocked USPS from sending out masks

Trump Attacks Susan Collins for Not Supporting Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS Nomination

Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump wrote a tweet singling out Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), who faces a troubling path to reelection. “There is a nasty rumor out there that @SenatorCollins of Maine will not be supporting our great United States Supreme Court Nominee,” Trump wrote, referencing Amy Coney Barrett, who just wrapped four days…


Susan Collins’s Democratic Challenger Outraises Her in Maine Senate Race

Maine Democrat Sara Gideon (D), the state’s House Speaker, has outraised incumbent Senator Susan Collins (R) in Maine’s Senate race in the first quarter of 2020 while relying predominantly on small donors. According to new filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Giden raised about $7.1 million in the first quarter of 2020. Collins, by contrast,…


A 2009 Vote Against Pandemic Funding Comes Back to Haunt Senator Susan Collins

In 2009, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) voted against the Obama administration’s attempt to include funding for pandemic flu preparations in its economic stimulus plan. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of at least 155 Americans nationwide, that vote has come back to haunt her. “It is the regular appropriations process…


Could The Senate Go Blue This Year? Poll Shows 4 GOP Lawmakers Are Underwater Versus Dem Rivals

Even if Democrats win the presidency this year, it would be hard for any Democratic president to get a lot done with policy, given the current make-up within Congress. While Democrats control the House of Representatives, currently Republicans have a majority in the Senate, with 53 senators in the “upper house” part of the GOP…

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