Justice Department

DOJ Is Investigating Whether Trump Is Still Holding Classified Documents

The Justice Department told the court that it believed that Trump may still be holding classified documents,

4 weeks ago

AG Merrick Garland Just Devastated Trump And GOP By Moving To Unseal Search Warrant

Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to attacks from Trump and his supporters by filing a motion in court to unseal…

2 months ago

The DOJ Section Investigating Trump Document Theft Handles Espionage And Sabotage

The section of the DOJ that is investigating Trump's theft of classified documents handles national security issues, espionage, and sabotage.

2 months ago

DOJ Said To Be Getting Closer To Trump As Cabinet Officials Flip On Former President

The DOJ is reportedly getting closer to Trump, as numerous cabinet officials are cooperating with the criminal probe into 1/6.

2 months ago

Merrick Garland Destroys Trump’s Plan To Avoid 1/6 Prosecution

Trump thought that he could avoid prosecution by declaring himself a candidate for president, but Attorney General Merrick Garland put…

3 months ago

Witness Tells Jeff Clark He’s Perfect for Trump AG Because His First Step Would Be to Commit Felony

Former Trump White House attorney Eric Herschmann to Jeff Clark: "You just admitted your first step you would take as…

3 months ago

DOJ Drops The Subpoena Hammer On Fake Electors In Multiple States

Agents conducted court authorized law enforcement activity Wednesday morning at two locations, FBI officials confirmed to The Washington Post. One…

3 months ago

The Justice Department Is Criminally Investigating Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, And Other Trump Lawyers

The Department of Justice is criminally investigating Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and others as part of the fake…

4 months ago

Merrick Garland Says He And DOJ Prosecutors Are Watching All Of The 1/6 Hearings

Attorney General Merrick Garland said that he and DOJ investigators are watching all of the 1/6 Committee hearings.

4 months ago

The Justice Department Steps In To Review The Police Response In Uvalde

The Justice Department has announced in a statement that they will review the police response in Uvalde.

4 months ago

DOJ Called On To Open A Sedition Investigation Into Trump And His Staff

The thousands of texts obtained by CNN from the 1/6 attack period are leading to calls for Trump and his…

5 months ago

Merrick Garland And The DOJ Have Been Subpoenaing Former Trump Officials

Merrick Garland and the DOJ have been subpoenaing former officials in Trump's orbit about the rally that led to the…

6 months ago

Merrick Garland Sends A Warning To Trump That Nobody Is Off Limits In 1/6 Investigation

Attorney General Merrick Garland didn't get specific at his press conference, but he sent a clear message to those at…

9 months ago

Biden DOJ Sues Texas For Voting Map That Discriminates Against Blacks And Latinos

The Justice Department has sued Texas for a second time in a month over a new election map that discriminates…

10 months ago

DOJ Won’t Defend Jan 6th Inciter Mo Brooks and Signals Trump is On His Own

The Justice Department signaled that it won't defend Republican Representative Mo Brooks and their reasoning suggests they might not defend…

1 year ago

Turns Out It Was Bill Barr and Not Merrick Garland Who Decided Not to Prosecute Ross

The AP and Government Executive issued a correction to their stories about Merrick Garland, turns out it was none other…

1 year ago

Editorial: Merrick Garland Must Prosecute Criminal Former Trump Admin Officials to Save Democracy

The only way to stop the next Trump administration is to prosecute the last one.

1 year ago

Opinion: Disgusting Trump Is Still Being Protected By the DOJ

It is time for executing justice; not protecting corruption and treason.

1 year ago

House Judiciary Democrats Tell DOJ To Stop Defending Trump

In a letter to Attorney General Garland, House Judiciary Democrats urged him to reverse the DOJ's position and stop defending…

1 year ago

Bill Barr’s DOJ Says Trump’s Denial Of Rape Allegations Is An Official Presidential Act

The Bill Barr Justice Department on Monday continued to intervene on Donald Trump's behalf in a decades-old rape allegation.

2 years ago