Lauren Boebert Calls on Pelosi to “Tear Down” Security Fencing Around Capitol

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Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) has called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to “tear down” security fencing that was installed around the United States Capitol following the Capitol riot, which took place after a mob of former President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in a bid to overturn the results of the 2020 general election. read more

Josh Hawley Implies He Doesn’t Agree with Trump’s Lie That Election Was Stolen

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Speaking to CNN, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) claimed he doesn’t agree with former President Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 general election was fraudulent.

“I don’t give him advice, and I’m not going to give you my emotional reactions to his quotes,” Hawley said of Trump, who took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend to push the lie once again. read more

Jim Jordan Defends Trump: “People Actually Say ‘We Love You, Mr. President,’ Because They Do”

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Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) defended former President Donald Trump despite harsh criticism about the speech Trump gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“The American people appreciate people who does what they said [they would],” Jordan told “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy. “That’s the point I was making because so often in that town, people go campaign, get to Washington, then come up with a bunch of excuses why they can’t do what they said they were going to do, or pretend to do what they said they were going to do but never really get it done.” read more

Lauren Boebert Complains About House Metal Detectors at CPAC


Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) has made headlines in recent weeks for refusing to abide by a House rule that states lawmakers who refuse to walk through metal detectors installed outside the House chamber following the January 6 siege of the United States Capitol will be fined $5,000 for their first offense and $10,000 for any subsequent offense. Boebert has tried to circumvent the policy and bring her gun onto the House floor. read more

Josh Hawley Says His Critics Are Part of a “Woke Mob” as Anger Over Capitol Insurrection Grows

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Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) told a Missouri news outlet that his critics are part of a “woke mob,” remarks that indicate he will not accept responsibility for the role he played on January 6, the day he voted against certifying President Joe Biden‘s election win and groups of former President Donald Trump‘s supporters laid siege to the Capitol. The attack, which resulted in five deaths, was spurred by President Trump’s falsehoods about the election, which Hawley often regurgitated despite the lack of any credible evidence. read more

Republican Accountability Project Criticizes Republicans Who Support “Lies, Violence, and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories”

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In a new ad, the Republican Accountability Project takes aim at Republicans who support and promote “lies, violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

The ad uses footage of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) declaring that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election to make its point. The ad also incorporates footage of Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) urging people to “go to the streets and be violent.” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) also makes an appearance; the ad brings up her recent remarks that the wildfires that have ravaged California for much of the last year were started by “Jewish space lasers,” a claim that represents just a fraction of a slew of highly controversial and violently charged statements that have prompted calls to have her removed from House committee assignments. read more

Biden Addresses National Prayer Breakfast: “We Must Defeat Political Extremism”

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President Joe Biden said the United States must “defeat political extremism” in his remarks during the National Prayer Breakfast. Although the event has typically served as a time for lawmakers to set aside their political differences, the event comes scarcely a month after a mob of pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the United States Capitol in a bid to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Tensions in Washington are still high. read more

Republican Accountability Project Launches Ad Campaign to Get Cruz and Hawley to Resign

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The Republican Accountability Project has launched an ad campaign to force Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) to resign over their decision to vote against the Electoral College certification after a mob of former President Donald Trump’s supporters violently stormed the Capitol in a bid to overturn the results of an election that President Joe Biden won handily. read more

Joe Scarborough Has Harsh Words for “Trump Terrorists”

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough criticized Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) for downplaying the January 6 storming of the United States Capitol, which took place after former President Donald Trump urged his supporters to march on Congress in a bid to overturn the results of the 2020 election. The president’s supporters were egged on by the president’s claims of widespread election fraud, which has debunked by news outlets, government agencies, and independent observers alike. read more