5 Weeks Out Polls Reveal a Surge of Support for Democrats

New polls released in Kentucky, Nevada, and California show that Democrats are making a big comeback in each state, and the tide may be turning against the GOP. In Kentucky Rand Paul has blown a 15 point lead in less than a month. In Nevada, Harry Reid is up by 5 points on Sharron Angle, and in California the Democrats in both the gubernatorial and the Senate races now lead.

Women of the Progressive Voting Bloc, Stand Up!

Women of the progressive voting bloc, how long have we been sleeping? I'm not sure how we got here, but our medical rights are not being honored as they should be. The administration is currently going to ban abortion coverage in the newly created Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans. This ban would prevent women with serious pre-existing medical conditions — like cancer or diabetes — from getting the abortion coverage they need to protect their health.

Lie to Me, GOP. I promise, I’ll Believe

Republican Pledge to America

This time they will be competent, faithful, and have integrity. This time it will be different. He said so. And after all, look at the picture! There they are standing in front of a small business as they make their pledge to us, so they must care, even though they voted against small businesses. Lie to me, I promise, I'll believe.

Fox News Personally Attacks Jon Stewart

On Fox News Watch today, Fox contributor Jim Pinkerton upped the ante and personally attacked Jon Stewart as a demagogue. Pinkerton compared Stewart to Lonesome Rhodes by saying, "Five words A Face In The Crowd, the 1950's movie starring Andy Griffith...about a talk show host who then thought he was a political and a demagogue."

Forbes Breitbarted the Birther Smear of Obama

Obama Smears Proven False Again

It's like watching dominoes fall these days, as one by one, conservative extremists are outted for lying to the public. Breitbart, O'Donnell, and now Dinesh D'Souza.You know Dinesh, the "intellectual" who wrote the scathingly inaccurate "Obama is an anti-Colonial Kenyan tribe reviving OTHER" Forbes' cover story that Newt Gingrich embraced and repeated. Dinesh, he was just outted as having not fact-checked his ode to persecution and paranoia that Forbes published without fact-checking.

Ed Buck Stands Up Against GOP Bully Chris Christie

Out of the madness in a world gone crazy, stepped Ed Buck - straight from central casting as an American citizen standing up for the right to question our candidates. Buck showed up on The Ed Show to take a stand against Republican bully Governor Chris Christie who tried to intimidate him into not asking a question during a Meg Whitman forum in California.

Fox Flakes Out and Worries that Democratic Lame Ducks Will Roar

I’m tellin’ ya’, you’re going to be hearing a lot about how lame ducks shouldn’t be doing anything – because, well, if they were to do something, it would be more liberal legislation than the Republicans want. In order to avoid this, Republicans are attempting the preemptive strike against lame duck legislation. This is, of course, the opposite of what the Republicans thought when they were the lame ducks and they did small things like impeach a president.

Media: Stop Covering Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies

When this person speaks about policy, please ignore her.

Sarah Palin damns Obamacare to Hell and lies in process. Again. If the media wants to let Palin run another two month end game around sanity, so be it, but I'm not going along for the ride this time. Sarah Palin is a menace to civilized debate and a cancer on the morale of this country. Let the revolution begin: Tell the media to leave Sarah Palin's Facebook page out of our policy debates. Let this be a part of of Stewart's "restoring sanity" rally.

Fox Running Scared from Carter’s Fear Mongering Accusations

Former President Carter recently called out Fox News as being a source and propagator of paranoia against Obama, including birtherism and Christianism. Even though the Right loves to make fun of President Carter, Fox was scared enough by his accusations to attempt to debunk the former President via their old Breitbart fallback of misleadingly editing footage to cover their sins. Media Matters called them out on it.

Sarah Palin is Now As Popular As BP

A new Public Policy Polling survey of undecided voters released today shows that Sarah Palin's "leadership" may cause GOP candidates around the country to crash and burn in both 2010 and 2012. The survey revealed that 65% of undecided voters disapprove of Palin, while only 17% approve of her. To put this into context, BP has a 16% approval rating.

Keith Olbermann Educates Sarah Palin

Today, Palin must have been high on her Tea Party video release, and full of that dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence, took to twitter to tell the Left off. However, I don't need to tell you that in the process of this she revealed her utter ignorance -- a fact which Keith Olbermann was kind enough to point out to the Tea Party leader.

Rachel Maddow and UAW Workers Tell GOP Hypocrite to Go Home

Last night, Rachel Maddow applied her razor-like intellect to expose the inherent hypocrisy in the modern GOP, hiding beneath a thin veneer of cowardly double-talk. One of her examples was Bob Corker, R-TN. Corker fought to kill the US auto industry. He filibustered the auto bailout, holding it hostage until he could be promised that the auto workers would be paid less and ultimately voted no on it.