Obama Wins Guam by 7 Votes

ImageEven when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama match up thousands of miles off the mainland, they still end up virtually tied. The race between the two in the U.S. territory of Guam was only for four convention delegates, so what was really at stake was bragging rights, which in the end neither campaign got.


The Evolving Definition of “Recession”

The MSM is often held in contempt for its poor coverage of the U.S. economy, and justifiably so. After months of reporting on stock market declines, softness in the job market, and the sub-prime mortgage "crisis," the MSM image of an economy in distress was refuted by new Commerce Department figures showing 0.6% GDP expansion in the first quarter of 2008. In addition, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.0% from 5.1%. While few people are ecstatic about sluggish 0.6% growth, MSM hype about a severe economic recession has yet to be borne out.

So Far, Democrat Criticisms of McCain Fall Flat

ImageWhile Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton get all the MSM attention, GOP nominee-in-waiting John McCain continues his straight talk tour under the radar, holding fundraisers, making "town hall" appearances, giving speeches, etc. The Democrats can't afford to let McCain go unchallenged altogether while their two candidates are roughing each other up.


It’s the Economy, Obama

ImageOne of lessons Barack Obama appears to have learned from his defeat in Pennsylvania is that blue collar Democrats think that political change would be nice, but economic change would be better. Obama and his wife have made the economy their central theme while campaigning in Indiana and North Carolina.

A New Low for John McCain

ImageOn the same week John McCain was going around the country touting his health care plan and the choice it offered, he refused to meet with activists for the disabled and co-sponsor a bill that would give those with disabilities the right to choose where they live and work.

Even worse, his Senate staff stood by and let 20 disabled activists be arrested outside his office.


Obama Deals Again With Elitist Question

ImageAt a press conference in Indianapolis, IN today Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama once again had to deal with allegations that he is an elitist.

"In fact, our lives when you look over the last two decades more closely approximate the lives of the average voter than any of the other candidates," Obama said.

The Day in Superdelegates

ImageToday has been a busy day for endorsements of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Here is a brief recap of who endorsed whom. Hillary Clinton picked up two superdelegates today one from Pennsylvania, Bill George, and the other was Democratic vice Chair Luisette Cabañas.