PA Gun Lovers Bury Barack Obama

ImageAlmost 85% of the results have been counted in many of the counties in Pennsylvania, and it is clear that the hunting gun loving counties in the state went heavily for Hillary Clinton. Here is a sample of how bad the Obama defeat was in the rural counties that didn't appreciate being told that they cling to their religion and guns.

Hillary Clinton Wins PA

ImageIn a call that wasn't any kind of surprise, Hillary Clinton has been projected by MSNBC as the winner in the state of Pennsylvania. Being that the call was so early, it is clear that Clinton has a lead that can't be overcome. Now the question is, how much will she win by?


Obama Continues to Dominate Money Race

ImageMarch was a very good month for Barack Obama on the fundraising front, while Hillary Clinton continues to slide back, and John McCain is stuck in neutral.

In March, Obama raised $41,144,348. This is more than double Clinton's total of $20,107,968, and John McCain might be better off buying a metal detector and heading to the beach, as he only raised $12,037,287.

McCain Challenges Obama’s Patriotism

ImageIn an interview that could only be described as a coming attractions preview for the general election campaign, Republican presidential candidate John McCain today sought to raise questions about Barack Obama's patriotism due to his association with a former member of the Weather Underground on ABC's This Week program.