Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle Absolutely Destroy Conservative Activist Candace Owens

Back in 2015, Candace Owens wrote a blog where she frequently bashed Conservatives, including Donald Trump. A few short years later, she has become one of the biggest stars in the Conservative world.

The activist was regularly retweeted by Donald Trump Jr. And the 45th president himself, held an event where he spoke to proponents of Owens’ Blexit movement. Blexit is aimed at convincing Black and Latino people to leave the Democratic party. read more


The Hosts of “Fox and Friends” Are Fearmongering About the Crime Rate in NYC on Primary Day

The hosts of “Fox and Friends” are fearmongering about the crime rate in New York City as its residents head to the polls to choose Mayor Bill de Blasio’s replacement.

“Crime is surging all around the United States,” said co-host Steve Doocy before showing viewers a copy of today’s edition of The New York Post, which urges its readers to vote for retired police officer and current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams “to save New York.” read more

One of the Biggest Democratic Super PACs Has Pledged $20 Million for Voting Rights Initiatives Ahead of 2022

Priorities USA, one of the biggest Democratic Super PACs, has pledged $20 million for voting rights initiatives ahead of the 2022 election cycle. The group’s announcement is aimed at actions by Republicans to restrict voting access and will comprise a digital effort that will include “a series of extensive voter information campaigns, going beyond a more traditional approach that would consist solely of persuasion ads,” according to The New York Times. That effort will also include text message reminders to vote and request absentee ballots. read more

Senate Republicans Prepare to Kill Voting Rights Bill Today

Senate Democrats are preparing for a defeat as their Republican colleagues unite to kill the For the People Act, a voting and election reform bill that Democrats have made a top priority. Republicans have called the bill a partisan exercise and Democrats have faced opposition from within their own party, most notably from Senator Joe Manchin (W. Va.), who recently put forward several compromises that received support from prominent leaders such as voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams. read more

Frank Figliuzzi: Fox Is Pushing FBI Insurrection Conspiracy Theory To Protect GOP Lawmakers Who May Be Involved

In the days after the January insurrection, few Conservative lawmakers or media members were willing to defend the rioters. As time has gone on, there has been a push by Republican Reps. and Fox News personalities to downplay the events of that day.

Recently, Tucker Carlson has began hinting that the people arrested for their roles in the riots were actually undercover FBI agents. Frank Figliuzzi had a theory as to why Fox is allowing this.

The former FBI agent began by telling Nicolle Wallace, “Let’s be clear here, we’re not talking about conspiracies that just spontaneously sprung up from the population as they do — urban legends that need to get swatted down or that take on a life of their own — we’re looking at conspiracy as a deliberate strategy.”

Figliuzzi then said of Fox:

“I think that they are frightened out of their minds that the FBI is actually looking at the root causes of this. And we have some confirmation of that because NBC News obtained one of the FBI interview transcripts of one of the January 6 defendants. And low and behold, what is one of the questions they asked him? ‘Do you know anybody in Congress or congressional staffers? “If that is becoming a standardized question under certain circumstances, they have every right to be worried and that’s why we’ll see them continue to plant this cockamamy theory that the FBI did it.” read more

WATCH: David Farenthold Explains What Kind of Information Trump Org. COO May be Able to Give to Investigators

The New York investigators looking into the Trump Organization have continued to widen their probe. Allen Weisselberg, the long time CFO of the company has been in their cross-hairs for months.

Weisselberg, though, has reportedly been a reluctant witness against his boss. So now investigators have set their sights on COO Matthew Calamari. According to a new report, Calamari and his son are being advised to lawyer up.

During a Monday night appearance on Dateline White House, David Farenthold explained what this might mean for Trump. The Washington Post scribe told Nicolle Wallace:

You’re right that it seems very similar to the Weisselberg situation, these folks have been compensated not just salary but apparently apartments. The key is what value the Calamaris might have to prosecutors. He doesn’t play the same role in the company that Weisselberg does. He functions more like a COO than Calamari does. Weisselberg makes a lot of decisions. Calamari is a former bodyguard, he doesn’t handle the executive decisions. So I’m not sure that calamari could tell you that Donald Trump ordered this decision or that decision. That said, he may be in legal trouble himself and I’m sure that he could provide something of value to prosecutors.” read more