Opinion: Theocracy Alert – Trump’s SCOTUS pick wants religion to play a major role in public life

Around the world there are several nationwith brutally authoritarian governments that embrace the concept of imposing religion to play a major roleof public life. It is what is known as theocracy and evangelical fanatics are a step closer to imposing their extremist vision of social conservatism on every aspect of all Americans’ daily life.

Those theocratic religious regimes include the likes of the Taliban, ISIS, Iran’s Supreme Council, andSaudi Arabia’sWahhabist Sunnis. If Trump’religious extremist nominated to define the law of the land over the next generation is confirmed next week, Americans will know firsthand what it’s like to live under a harsh evangelical theocracy. What many observers label America’s Taliban.

It is a terrifying prospect that Republicans are very excited about because they will beable to enforce biblically-approved domination over American women and members of the LGBTQ community under the auspices of the United States Federal government.

To say that Amy Coney Barrett’s judicial record is lacking is a gross understatement.The sum total of her experience as a jurist is barely three years and yet Trump tapped her for a lifetime appointment on the nation’s highest court for one simple reason and it is not solely because she is an Antonin Scalia conservative; it is because she is aextreme social conservative and rabidreligious right cultist who spent her entire life being trained to believe that it is an atrocity that religion is not a major force in every Americans’ public life. 

Barrett claims to be a Catholic; likely why she embraces the 1968 Papal edict that any unnatural form of birth control is a mortal sin. However, the group Barrett subscribes to is considered “the lunatic fringe of the Catholic faith” and more in line with far right extremists in the evangelical movement Republicans are intent on allowing free rein over the American people– especially women.

According to a 2017 article by the New York Times’ Laurie Goodstein, Barrett’s religious groupPeople of Praise, is considered a “cult” to most Catholics and more akin to freakish fundamental  Pentecostals –  “Holy Rollers.Ms. Goodstein writes:

People of Praise incorporates elements of fundamentalist Pentecostal Protestantism (such as speaking in tongues) and is considered a cult in mainstream Catholicism. Its practices include requiring members to swear an oath of loyalty to the group and teaching that wives must be submissive to their husbands, and in the past, People of Praise called its female leaders “handmaidens”—which is downright chilling if one is familiar with Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel “The Handmaid’s Tale.” People of Praise embrace a highly patriarchal ideology, believing that women ultimately must submit to male authority. read more


Sean “Diddy” Combs Thinks There Will be a Race War if Trump Wins

Donald Trump has long been desperate for celebrity endorsements. The only that ever seemed to come, though, were from people like Ted Nugent, Tim Allen and Kid Rock.

The majority of musicians, actors and artists support Democratic candidates. Rap mogul Sean Combs recently came out to endorse Joe Biden. Diddy, however, took it one step further.

The rap superstar told Charlamagne Tha God, “If Trump gets elected, I really do believe in my heart there will be a race war. This man is really trying to turn us against each other and put us in a situation. America messed up.”

Diddy continued:

“White men like Trump need to be banished. That way of thinking is real dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote. We’re in a war. We’re in a war of love versus hate. The number one priority is to get Trump out of office. … If people in America want a race war, they’ll not vote.” read more

WATCH: Trump Calls Number One Fan Matt Gaetz the Wrong Name at Florida Rally

Recently, Republican lawmakers like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney have forcefully condemned  Donald Trump. But for every Romney or Sasse, there are 15 GOP Reps willing to completely debase themselves for the president.

And perhaps no one lawmaker is more sycophantic to the president than  Matt Gaetz. So it had to be devastating for the Florida congressman to realize Trump didn’t even remember his name during an Ocala rally on Friday.

Trump told the crowd, “And the she (Savannah Guthrie) said it was my fault. It was my people who caught them. It was Trump’s fault. Why is it always my fault. Can it ever be (pointing at Matt Gaetz) Rick Gates’ fault? It’s always Trump’s fault, Rick.”

The president continued, “By the way, how did the governor do? Did he get up and make a great speech? Good governor.”

While Matt Gaetz spells his name differently than Rick Gates, both have worked closely with the president.

Rick Gates was a protegee of Paul Manafort and worked for the 2016 Trump campaign. He was cooperated with Federal prosecutors during the Russia investigation and was given probation. Gates recently wrote a book about his experiences called Wicked Game.

Matt Gaetz, on the other hand, has done any and everything to aid the president. This included threatening Michael Cohen before the ex-Trump lawyer spoke before congress. The background of his Twitter page is a selfie of him and the president. He is sure to devastated by the president’s gaffe.