John McCain’s Fading Hopes in Pennsylvania

ImageJohn McCain trails Barack Obama by an average of 13.8% in Pennsylvania. Democratic voter registration has jumped by half a million, and they now enjoy a 1.2 million voter edge in the state. Obama is outspending McCain by millions of dollars here, yet the McCain campaign vows to fight on in a state that they have little chance of winning.

Rick Davis Hurts McCain on the Economy Again

ImageThe stock market is suffering another triple digit loss today, but during a conference call with reporters, John McCain's campaign manager Rick "The campaign isn't about issues," Davis said that the McCain campaign won't be talking about the stock market everyday, because the campaign shouldn't become a, "CNBC news show on the stock market." Instead they spent their time trying to link Obama to the ACORN investigation.

Campaign ’08: The Missouri Report 10/9/08

ImageWell, two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate down, one more presidential debate to go. It has been a busy past week in politics for me here in good ol' St. Louis, MO. Last Thursday, we were the site of the highly-watched and scrutinized Biden-Palin debate. It was held right down the street from my house at Washington University. There is no need to go over the specifics of the debate now as it has been dissected over and over the past few days.

McCain Camp Amps Up Obama-Ayers Attack

ImageThe presidential campaign of John McCain continues to press the implication that Batack Obama is terrorist due to his association with a former member of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers. Today, the McCain campaign put out a statement from John M. Murtagh whose home was firebombed by the radical group when he was nine years old, "Barack Obama's friend tried to kill my family."

Polls Say Obama Won The Town Hall Debate

ImageThe latest CBS News and CNN post debate polls revealed that voters feel Barack Obama won the town hall debate with John McCain. In the CBS poll, 39% thought that Obama won the debate, and 35% thought that the debate was a draw. Only 27% thought that McCain won. The CNN poll gave Obama an even bigger victory by a margin of 54%-30%.

Obama Wins Town Hall as McCain Delivers More of the Same

ImageThe second presidential debate in Nashville, TN played out much like the first debate. Republican John McCain focused on character and leadership, while Obama talked about issues and policy. In an election year where Americans want change and a new direction, McCain missed an opportunity to America exactly what he would do if elected president, while Obama took another step towards the White House.