Obama Needs an Answer to the “Hawk Card”

ImageAt the end of the Texas/Ohio campaign last month, Hillary Clinton unleashed her now-infamous "3 A.M." television ad, challenging Barack Obama's foreign policy inexperience. Earlier this week, facing another must-win primary in Pennsylvania, Clinton used some brief footage of Osama bin Laden in another television ad.

New Union Endorsement for Obama

ImageToday, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers' (IFPTE), executive council endorsed Barack Obama for president. The union's membership is composed of engineers, scientists and technicians at the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, NASA and Boeing.

PA Gun Lovers Bury Barack Obama

ImageAlmost 85% of the results have been counted in many of the counties in Pennsylvania, and it is clear that the hunting gun loving counties in the state went heavily for Hillary Clinton. Here is a sample of how bad the Obama defeat was in the rural counties that didn't appreciate being told that they cling to their religion and guns.

Hillary Clinton Wins PA

ImageIn a call that wasn't any kind of surprise, Hillary Clinton has been projected by MSNBC as the winner in the state of Pennsylvania. Being that the call was so early, it is clear that Clinton has a lead that can't be overcome. Now the question is, how much will she win by?