Please, No More Debates

ImageToday, Hillary Clinton challenged Barack Obama to a debate without a moderator ala Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in their 1858 Illinois Senate campaign, but do we really need any more debates? Is there anything about these two candidates that we don't already know?

More Desperate Mudslinging from Hillary Clinton

ImageOver the course of yesterday and today Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign have been trying to portray her opponent Barack Obama as a friend of big oil. Yesterday, Clinton said, "When it came time to stand up against the oil companies and stand against Dick Cheney's energy bill, my opponent voted for it and I voted against it.

Killing This Political Animal

ImageI'll let you in on a secret. I am a political animal. I have been since the 1992 presidential election when I was 16 years old. I watched the conventions with great anticipation and was quite a good volunteer for one of the three major candidates in 1992. Arguments with classmates were the norm.