Biden Brought Policy, Palin Talking Points

Image The first and only vice presidential debate was filled with talk of policy by Joe Biden, and talking points from Sarah Palin. If there was any doubt left that this woman doesn't belong on a national ticket in any capacity, that doubt was answered tonight. Palin may have scored style points, but Biden is the person Americans should trust in the White House.

Palin’s Collapse, Economy Power Obama to Leads in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

ImageQuinnipiac University's polling institute released the results of their latest poll this morning (Wednesday). But this is no ordinary, generalized, national poll. Quinnipiac specifically polled the three biggest, most critical swing states: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here is what the poll results showed:

Florida: Obama up 49% to 43% pre-debate and 51% to 43% post-debate

Ohio: Obama up 49% to 42% pre-debate and 50% to 42% post-debate

Sarah Palin on Global Warming, Evolution, and Abortion

ImageSarah Palin was back on the CBS Evening News with Kate Couric tonight, and she ducked, dodged, and gave half answers to questions about abortion, global warming, the environment and even what newspapers and magazines she reads to stay up on current events.

Here is the exchange between Palin and Couric over what newspapers and magazines she reads:

Palin: I've read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media.

Palin Jabs At Biden’s Age and Experience

ImageDuring her interview with the CBS Evening News that will air tonight Sarah Palin defended her joke about listening Joe Biden speak since she was in the second grade age by saying that her stump speech joke had nothing to do with age or John McCain. She tried to sell herself as the new fresh face, but she is more like new Coke than new politics.

Here is the video:

Poll: Republicans to Blame for Bailout Failure

ImageA new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that voters blame the Republican Party for killing the $700 billion bailout bill by a 2 to 1 margin. Ninety Five percent of those surveyed labeled the financial problems either a crisis, or a serious problem, and 88% are worried that the failure of the bailout bill will worsen the nation's economic problems.