Clinton Camp Says Race Will Be Over by June

ImageHillary Clinton's campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe was on NBC's Today show this morning and flat said that the Democratic race will be over by early June, "It'll be over early June. We've all said we'll be together at the end. If Hillary doesn't win, Hillary, President Clinton, myself, we'll be over there helping Senator Obama.

Clinton Wins Indiana but the End is near

ImageHillary Clinton pulled out a dramatic late night squeaker of a win in Indiana 51%-49%, but Clinton won't be appearing on the morning news shows as scheduled, and she only has kept a fundraiser on her schedule for tomorrow. This is looking like the behavior of a candidate that isn't long for this race.

Obama’s North Carolina Win

ImageIt isn't much of a surprise that Barack Obama won North Carolina, the real shocker might be just how dominate his victory might be in the state.

The race was called very quickly by MSNBC which reveals a wave of Obama support across the state. It is looking like his margin of victory could be firmly into double digits.

Let Them Grow Up!

ImageThis just in! Miley Ray Cyrus will be posing for Playboy.

Ok, not really. But I had to throw in that tease to make a point. The recent uproar (both social and political) over the "Vanity Fair" photos of Destiny Hope Cyrus, or Miley Ray Cyrus now to you and me, has me baffled and bothered.

Polls: Obama Lead Grows in NC Tied in IN

ImageTwo new Zogby polls were released today, and they reveal that Obama has a growing lead in North Carolina, but the race is still a virtual tie in Indiana. Obama has added four points to his lead in NC, and now leads Clinton 51%-37%. In Indiana Obama still holds a two point lead 45%-43% with 5% for someone else, and 7% not sure.

Two More Superdelegates Side with Obama

ImageBarack Obama picked up two more superdelegates today, as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party announced that they will be supporting Obama.

This represents quite a shift because Party chairman Michael Cryor and Vice chairman Lauren Dugas Glover originally had announced that they planned to stay neutral until the end of the primary season.