Obama Promises a New Course for the Economy

ImageThe most interesting element of president elect Obama's speech on his stimulus plan was its focus on government accountability, a lack of earmarks, and tax cuts. Obama was trying to defuse the potential charge that he is a big government liberal by making an urgent but practical appeal, and promising to change the course of the economy.

Reid Pressures Coleman to Concede

ImageDuring his statement to the new Congress, Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) waded into the disputed Minnesota Senate race by referring to Republican Norm Coleman as a former senator, and he called on him to concede, but Coleman said he will be filing suit to contest the certification of Al Franken as the winner.

Leon Panetta on Torture

ImageSome Democrats are questioning why president elect Barack Obama would appoint Leon Panetta, who is known as a budget expert, to head up the CIA. Part of the answer can be found in Panetta's opposition to the torture of detainees.

The Kennedy Double Standard

ImageIt seems that everyone has a bone to pick with the possibility of Caroline Kennedy replacing Hillary Clinton as the junior senator in New York. Oddly enough many of the criticisms being leveled against Kennedy could have been used against Clinton when she moved to the state, but weren't.

Obama Looking to Exploit Fractures in the GOP

ImageThe leadership vacuum in the Republican Party is providing president elect Obama with a unique opportunity. On Monday he is holding a bi-partisan meeting with the congressional leadership, while later in that same week Republican leaders will hold a meeting without the RNC. Could Obama become a force in both parties?