Fox Beats Obama News Conference with Lie to Me

There was much criticism of the Fox broadcast network for deciding not to show President Obama's press conference last night, but Fox's airing of Lie to Me beat the press conference, and was the #1 rated broadcast program at 8 PM. By the way, Obama showed his displeasure with Fox, but not giving Fox News a question last night.

Obama Mocks Fox News and the Tea Bag Protests

At a town hall meeting in Arnold, MO, President Obama took a not so veiled shot at Fox News and the tea bag protests. Obama talked about a certain news channel where he isn't very popular and people waving tea bags around. Obama said that these people are playing games and pretending that the problem is the Recovery Act.

Specter: I am Not an Automatic 60th Vote

At a press conference new Democrat Arlen Specter stated that he won't be an automatic 60th vote for the Democrats. He promised to maintain his independence, and cited his continued opposition of the Employee Free Choice Act as an example, but Specter announced that President Obama will campaign for his reelection in PA.