The Political Apocalypse is Coming As the GOP Guns for Palin

Palin's most powerful nemesis, McCain/Palin campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, will soon return the fire Palin unloaded on him from her book, “Going Rogue”. Operation Palin Apocalypse officially commences Sunday night when Schmidt appears on 60 minutes. The only question remaining is how low will they go? This is the GOP after all. The party of Rovian election tactics.

Bill O’Reilly Labels NPR Jihadist

FNC's Bill O'Reilly has been behaving relatively sanely, but that changed tonight on his program The O'Reilly Factor when he expressed his outrage at an animated political cartoon by Mark Fiore about learning to speak teabag which was posted on their website November 12, by labeling NPR a, "left wing jihadist deal."

Rush Limbaugh Gushes Over Unionized Hospitals and Socialized Medicine

While leaving a Hawaii hospital that he was admitted to for chest pains, Rush Limbaugh used himself as an example of why the health care system does not need reformed. Limbaugh said that the healthcare system works, "just fine and dandy," but the Hawaii system is the model for the Democratic reform plan, and the hospital is unionized. Limbaugh has cluelessly endorsed socialized medicine and unionization.

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