Should MSNBC Be Worried About The Ed Show?

It has only been a week, but after a strong debut on Monday, Ed Schultz's The Ed Show on MSNBC settled back into drawing the same number of viewers that the previous program had in that slot. Not even a special prime time edition of the program drew well. Does this mean that MSNBC needs to be worried about The Ed Show?

Palin Criticizes Obama on Missile Defense

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) continues to try to build her foreign policy credentials before she runs for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. In a letter to Sec. of Defense Robert Gates, Palin criticized the Obama administration for cutting funding for missile defense system, even after N. Korea tested a new rocket.

GOP Tries to Muscle in on the Tea Party Movement

The organizers of the April 15 Chicago Tea Party claim that they rejected a request from RNC Chairman Michael Steele to speak at the event, but Steele claims that he never asked to speak. The real story here is that the GOP is trying to muscle in on the Tea Party Movement, but not all Tea Parties will be alike. Republicans will find themselves unwelcome at true grass roots events.

The Maersk Alabama Piracy and Terrorism

For years now, piracy has been a problem especially near the lawless nation of Somalia, but it took the capture of a U.S. operated ship for the problem to get worldwide attention, now some experts are cautioning that the motives for the piracy could be al-Qaeda affiliated terrorism, and money.

Sarah Palin Can’t Accept Money From Unoffical Legal Defense Fund

The soap opera that is Gov. Sarah Palin's political career took another turn late today as Palin has been forced to tell her supporters not to donate to an unofficial legal defense fund, because she is legally not allowed to accept the donations. You would have thought that her supporters might have checked the law, before they set up the website and the fund, but apparently they are as smart as she is.

Rick Warren Compares Democrats to Prostitutes

Rick Warren was on the Hugh Hewitt show today, where explained that the reason why he gave the invocation at President Obama's Inauguration. Warren said that he wants to have Christ like ministry, and that Jesus hung out questionable people like prostitutes and tax collectors. Apparently in his mind Democrats are the prostitutes and tax collectors of America.