House GOP Blocks More Funding for Paper Ballots

ImageToday House Republicans successfully blocked a bill from passing that would have encouraged states to hold verifiable elections by converting to a paper ballot voting system, offer emergency paper ballots, and conduct hand-counted audits. The bill titled the Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008 fell short of the 2/3 needed for passage.

George Knows Diplomacy…George Knows Fallacy!

ImageI've been called a wordsmith; I've been labeled "loquacious." Trust me, neither were meant to be flattering. But the Bush Administration, on Sunday, through National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley issued a statement on Bush's eager participation in the opening ceremonies for the Beijing games that has me completely speechless.

Redefining Barack Obama

ImageWhile Hillary Clinton was out knocking on doors in Scranton today, Barack Obama is still trying to explain why his not an elitist. Obama supporters such as Sen. Bob Casey Jr. took to the airwaves to defend Obama against charges that he is an elitist.