Obama Raised More Money Than Trump For His Reelection Campaign

Trump’s $30 million haul looks impressive at first glance but it less than both George W. Bush and Obama raised in the first quarter of their reelection campaigns.

Chuck Todd said MSNBC’s MTP Daily, “I want to put up the president’s fundraising and it looks good compared to the Democrats. He has one primary foe in Bill Weld; he raised approximately $30 million this quarter. We put it up against other first quarter reelects, Obama, his first may quarter, which was quarter two, not quarter one. $46.3 million. George W. Bush, $35.1 million at this same time. The trump story doesn’t sound like a lot. And the cash on hand totals, very much the same. I remind you contribution limits are much higher they’ve today than they were in 2003 and even Obama in ’11. I just expected a bigger juggernaut.” read more