Opinion: Tom Cotton’s 1619 Project Legislation Highlights Ignorance Of Political Economy and History

Tom Cotton spreads Coronavirus conspiracy on Fox

As is now widely known, the Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton recently proposed legislation that would deny federal funding to schools that in any way used the The New York Times controversial 1619 project in its curriculum.  This series in The New York Times, of course, explores the history of the United States through the lens of slavery, premised on the fact that accounts of slavery have not been expansively, roundly, and fully incorporated into accounts of U.S. history, particularly in its earliest stages. Nikole Hannah-Jones, the project’s creator, has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her commentary on the series, and the Pulitzer Center and The New York Times have since collaborated to create a curriculum based on the project which schools can now adopt. read more


North Carolina Will Relax Social Distancing Guidelines for Republican National Convention

The state of North Carolina will relax its restrictions on public gatherings for the Republican National Convention (RNC) scheduled August 21 – 24.

The state’s health director and chief medical officer, Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, said the Department of Health and Human Services, wrote in a letter to the RNC that restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people will need to be relaxed for the event. read more

No Social Distancing, Few Masks at Donald Trump’s Bedminster Speech

In the middle part of July, Donald Trump tweeted out a photo of himself wearing a facemask. Trump surrogates cheered on the move calling it a bold change in message and even describing it as patriotic.

The President, however, was not able to stay on his pro-mask messaging. He has frequently been pictured since that moment without face covering and speaking to largely mask-less crowds.

This was the case on Friday night when Trump gave a speech to supporters at his Bedminster, New Jersey country club. The Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire shared a picture of the event, tweeting, “Country club members awaiting the president.”

The members are packed shoulder to shoulder with a number of children present. Only about four members can be seen wearing face coverings.

Masks have obviously been a frequent topic of discussion on Conservative television. While most pundits were on board back in July, many are again changing their messaging.

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro, who posted a picture of herself wearing a mask while out on the town last month, is again slamming the use of face coverings.

She told a British television show last weekend, “What is the point of the mask? The point of the mask is to basically kinda dehumanize. It’s to frighten people…It’s exactly what the anarchists and the protesters need…There are all kinds of subliminal messages to that mask.”

Fox News’ Pirro comes out firmly against masks: “What is the point of the mask? The point of the mask is to basically kinda dehumanize. It’s to frighten people…It’s exactly what the anarchists and the protesters need…There are all kinds of subliminal messages to that mask.” read more

Canadian Politician Doug Ford Criticizes Trump for Imposing Tariffs on Canadian Raw Aluminum

Canadian Premier Doug Ford criticized President Donald Trump after he imposed 10 percent tariffs on Canadian raw aluminum.

“I just have to say how disappointed I am with President Trump right now,” Ford said at his Friday news conference. “In times like this, who tries to go after your closest ally, your closest trading partner, your number one customer in the entire world? Who would do this? Well, President Trump did this.” read more

Trump Launches Sexist Attack On AOC

Since she was elected to Congress in 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a subject of fascination for Republicans. Much of this fascination is based on her youth and her looks.

Add Donald Trump to the crowd of GOP’ers who find the New York Representative quite attractive. During a recent speech in Ohio, the President described AOC as “a real beauty” who “knows nothing.”

Trump landed on the subject of the congresswoman when talking about her support for a Green New Deal. The President was speaking at an appliance factory and was slamming any kind of ecological restrictions.

He told the workers, “AOC, that’s a real beauty, isn’t it? She knows as much about the environment — do we have any young children here? — as that young child over there. I think he knows more. And she certainly knows nothing about the economy.”

"@AOC, that's a real beauty, isn't it? She knows as much about the environment — do we have any young children here — as that young child over there. I think he knows more and she certainly knows nothing about the economy." – President Trump read more


Poll: Biden’s Lead Continues to Rise Among College Students, Leaving Trump in the Dust

Biden Puts Putin on Notice

Democratic contender Joe Biden is the clear favorite among college students, according to the latest Chegg/College Pulse election tracking poll, which found he leads President Donald Trump by almost 50 points.

Most college students believe Trump won’t win reelection.

62 percent of those surveyed said Trump will lose November’s general election. 38 percent believe he will be reelected. read more

Biden, Pelosi and Schumer Slam Trump’s “Historic Failure” on Jobs Numbers

Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress have placed the blame for the latest unemployment figures squarely on Donald Trump. In separate statements, they harshly criticized the President’s response to the economic crisis.

The Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader issued a joint statement on Friday following the July jobs report. The U.S. has added 1.8 million jobs but has lost nearly 13 million jobs during the pandemic.

The latest jobs report shows that the economic recovery spurred by the investments Congress has passed is losing steam and more investments are still urgently needed to protect the lives and livelihoods of the American people,” Pelosi and Schumer said.

“Millions of Americans are still hurting and yet, despite this reality, President Trump and Republicans appear ready to walk away from the negotiating table to do unworkable, weak and narrow executive orders that barely scratch the surface of what is needed to defeat the virus and help struggling Americans.”

The Biden campaign issued their own statement, making even more forceful comments about Trump’s handling of the economy.

Today’s jobs report shows just how far we have to go and why leadership matters,” Biden said in the statement.

“While I am grateful for the people who got their jobs back, my heart goes out to the more than 16 million workers who are without a job and a paycheck, and to their families who are without peace of mind. It did not have to be this bad.”

We are in a deeper economic hole than we should be because of Donald Trump’s historic failure to respond to the pandemic, and the pace of recovery has now slowed because of Trump’s continuing inability to come up with a plan to control the virus.”

Trump’s surrender to the pandemic has led to a resurgence of the virus and more economic pain and anxiety for millions of Americans,” Biden went on.

“After six months of a nation in crisis, he still has no plan to get us through.”

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Appeals Court Rules Trump’s Former White House Counsel Must Comply with House Subpoena

Trump cancels Jacksonville convention

A federal appeals court ruled that President Donald Trump’s former White House counsel Don McGahn must comply with a House subpoena and testify. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said McGahn’s refusal to testify is grounds for the House to sue, in a victory for House Democrats. The court ruled 7-2.

President Trump had sought to bar McGahn from testifying before the House Judiciary Committee and had asked the Supreme Court to step in to avoid having the spotlight on McGahn before a Democrat-led congressional panel ahead of November’s general election.

The “effective functioning of the Legislative Branch critically depends on the legislative prerogative to obtain information, and constitutional structure and historical practice support judicial enforcement of congressional subpoenas when necessary,” Judge Judith Rogers wrote for the majority. read more

Democratic Rep. Karen Bass: Trump Is a Racist Who’s “Giving License to Racists”

Karen Bass has accused Donald Trump of emboldening racists and of running a racist reelection campaign. The Democratic congresswoman said there’s clear evidence for the President’s own prejudices.

Bass is considered a major contender for former Vice President Joe Biden’s VP nod. She spoke to CNN’s David Axelrod on Thursday about Trump and was asked if she thinks he’s a racist.

“Yes, I do. I don’t think there’s anything new about that,” she said.

“I think he’s second generation, I mean, his father was. They were charged with discrimination, housing discrimination, sued by the federal government.”

Everything that has come out of his mouth, not just against Black people, I mean, he started his campaign with racist attacks on Mexicans,” Bass went on.

“He’s attacked Native Americans and his latest attacks are on Asian Americans by calling the [Coronavirus] as the China virus. And there has been attacks against the Asian Pacific Islander community. “

“People have been hurt because of his essentially giving license to racists that might have been a little dormant for a minute, but who now feel completely emboldened and empowered.”

Bass added that Trump’s approach to his reelection this year was in part to appeal to racism.

I’m very clear that the Republican Party has two strategies for this election. And one is to resurrect the ghost of Joe McCarthy and the Cold War,” she said.

“And two is to resurrect the ghost of George Wallace and run a racist campaign.”

Bass pointed to Trump’s recent comments about low income housing in the suburbs and added: “You know, I think that he doesn’t use dog whistles. He uses a bullhorn.”

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