Research: including polls, the history of Republican Tea Party legislation, the rise of Christian fundamentalism, hate speech,  and issues. This research page is a work in progress. Suggestions for posts or categories are welcome in the comments.


Congressional Republican Approval Has Plummeted 21 Points Since January
After Downgrade Boehner, McConnell, and GOP Approval Ratings Plunge
67% of Voters Say A Debt Ceiling Deal Should Include Tax Hikes On The Rich


On March 14 we first published a list of thirty pieces of Republican legislation “that Republicans are using to destroy America.” That list was updated on March 17 with several new items and categories, and again on June 11. On July 14 we presented a completely updated list, the most important addition to which is a section on Tentherism, “The War on the Federal Government.” Our newest additions are sections on “The War on Jobs” and “The War on Democracy.” One thing is certain: the list will only grow longer. There is also a special surprise category at the end.

It has become impossible, due to the sheer volume of nihilistic Republican and Tea Party legislation, to keep this list to a reasonable length or to limit either categories or items. Wherever possible, links have been provided to the actual legislation under discussion. It has become difficult, again due to the volume of this legislation, to update the status of these various bills and reader feedback in this regard is appreciated. Every attempt will be made to keep the list current and accurate.

Again, it is important to note up front that long as this list is, it is not a complete list of questionable Republican/Tea Party legislation; 26 states are under Republican control as of this compilation and that is a lot of crazy material to cover.
Driving a Stake Through America’s Heart – Tea Party Style

As of January 30, 2012: The Dirty Thirty – the GOP’s Rights Killing Agenda for America


What is Dominionism? God, Guns and Greed
Following the Dominionist Thread Through the GOP’s 2012 Candidates
The Fundamentalist Christian Plan for America
America’s Lethal Admixture of Politics and Religion

The Rise of American Fundamentalism Series:

The Antecedents of American Fundamentalism 1606-1925
The Rising Tide of American Fundamentalism in the 1940s and 50s
The Cresting Tide of American Fundamentalism in the 1960s
American Fundamentalism in the 70s – The Rise of the Moral Majority
The Rise of American Fundamentalism – The Year 1980
The Rise of American Fundamentalism – the Reagan Decade
The Rise of American Fundamentalism 1990-1993
The Rise of American Fundamentalism 1994-1997
The Rise of American Fundamentalism 1998-2001
The Rise of American Fundamentalism 2002-2003


Obama Throws His Campaign’s Weight Behind the Wisconsin Recalls
Justice Rears Her Head in Wisconsin As Kathy Nickolaus is Investigated by GAB
Facing Surplus, Wisconsin Republicans Go After Firefighters and Police


The Buckeye State Gives the Koch Agenda A Big Black Eye

Rand Paul Declares A General Strike on Reality


Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann Give Birth to Hooters Democracy

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Prosser Allegedly Chokes Female Justice

The Faux Hotties of FOX News


The Preamble Is Gone But the Enslavement in FAMiLY LEADER Pledge Remains



Political Talk Radio Deploys Another Murderous Obama Seeking Missile




REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS/ ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council):

ALEC Exposed

ALEC: Puppetmaster for Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Scott Walker
(also known as who really killed the Public Option)

Governor Rick Snyder, (R) Michigan

Rachel Maddow Exposes Michigan Republicans Secret War On Democracy

Martial Law in Michigan and Republicans’ End Game

Governor Synder’s Martial Law Prompts Michigan Recall Law Questions


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  1. …For whatever reason, I have not been able to get reliable info on all the members of Congress who receive federal dollars outside of their ‘normal’ pay. (Such as dollars received by M. Bachmann’s family members for ‘farming’), do you know of any resources for the info I seek?

  2. I would suggest and using the top far left column you can search for personal finances, i.e. personal Financial Disclosure or by congressional year or name.

  3. is a political social network that is dedicated to providing information to Americans about their politicians. You can view voting history, Bills up for vote or roll call, view politicians top political campaign contributors, contact info, etc… The content provided about candidates comes from many of the Government information websites, but are accessible in one place. There are numerous functions or tools in the site available to share opinions with others, regardless of political views. The Debate Forum is a great place to argue your point of view with the opposition, Groups are wonderful for broadcasting your opinion(s) or events to like-minded people everywhere. The interactive chat rooms are equipped with numerous entertaining features, as well as live chat with up to 7 people at once. Everything is free to the people, just the similar registration process as most social networking sites. Register, verify, log on, users can log on with Facebook as well. was created “For the People, By the People!” It’s our country, it’s time we take it back.

  4. I am trying to refer your website to some likeminded friends and a few who are not so likeminded. My comment was that this is the best political website I have ever read and I read too much. I have examined your website and I could not find a way to sign up to receive your daily articles. And, I do not remember how I got on your daily email list.

    Please let me know how/where one can sign up. Thank you,and keep up the great work. HB

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