1/6 Insurrection

Opinion: From Inflation to Authoritarianism, Democracy is the Answer

Want to stop autocracy? Want relief from inflation? Democracy is the theory of everything.

11 months ago

Officers Want Trump And GOP In Congress Investigated For Collaborating With 1/6 Attackers

Officers Fanone and Hodges asked the Select Committee to investigate what every patriot in this country is desperate to understand:…

2 years ago

Is American Democracy Coming Apart? Actually…Maybe Not

Karlyn Bowman - an expert on tracking and analyzing American public opinion at the American Enterprise Institute - says there's…

2 years ago

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Said He Collaborated With Both Donald Trump and the Secret Service on January 6th

Most political administrations would have considered Alex Jones to be a joke. The Trump administration, though, desperately need the votes…

2 years ago