Member Of Trump’s 1/6 Army Pleads Guilty To Seditious Conspiracy

Brian Ulrich of Georgia has pleaded guilty to a seditious conspiracy to use force to stop the peaceful transfer of…

3 weeks ago

1/6 Committee Proves That Matt Gaetz And Jim Jordan Were Heavily Involved In Coup

In a court filing, the 1/6 Committee provided evidence that members of Congress including Reps. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan…

4 weeks ago

New Tape Busts Kevin McCarthy Saying Trump Took Responsibility For 1/6

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is caught on a new tape telling House Republicans that Trump took responsibility for the 1/6 attack.

4 weeks ago

1/6 Defendant Completely Trashes Trump At Trial

A 1/6 defendant mounted a defense that called Trump an abuser who used him to attack the Capitol.

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr. Busted Plotting A Coup Months Before 1/6

Newly released texts reveal that Donald Trump Jr. was floating ideas for a coup in November before the election was…

1 month ago

Trump Stopped Providing Details Of His Calls And Activities To Record Keepers The Day Before 1/6 Attack

The Trump White House stopped providing details of Trump's calls and activities to record keepers just before the 1/6 attack.

2 months ago

Trump Busted Using White House Phone For Call Not On 1/6 Log

Donald Trump called Sen. Mike Lee on 1/6 from a White House phone, but that call was not on the…

2 months ago

Domestic Terror And SCOTUS: Ginni Thomas Attends 1/6 And Clarence Thomas Wanted To Hide Trump’s Records

Ginni Thomas's admission that she attended Trump's 1/6 rally along with her husband wanting Trump to hide his records from…

2 months ago

Merrick Garland Delivers An Uh-Oh Moment For Trump And His Pals

Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the DOJ is not avoiding 1/6 cases with political implications, but is building the…

2 months ago

After RNC Declares Domestic Terror Legitimate Political Discourse, Trumper Who Attacked Cops On 1/6 In Court

Less than an hour after the RNC declared that the 1/6 attack was legitimate political discourse, a Trump supporter appeared…

3 months ago

15 Former Trump Officials Are Meeting Next Week On Plan To Stop Him In 2024

According to Stephanie Grisham, a group of 15 former Trump White House officials will be meeting next week to stop…

4 months ago

Biden Blisters Trump With The Blunt Truth About 1/6 And The 2020 Election

President Biden laid out Trump's lies and explained why the failed former president is responsible for the attack on 1/6.

4 months ago

Peter Navarro Implicates Ted Cruz And 100 Congressional Republicans In Coup

According to  Peter Navarro, Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar were among 100 Congressional Republicans involved in the plot…

5 months ago

Lara Trump Basically Admits To Trying To Overthrow The Government

Twice during a Fox News interview, Lara Trump didn't deny trying to overturn the election but said that nobody said…

5 months ago

This Is How 1/6 Really Was: Man Gets 2+ Years In Prison For Threatening To Shoot Pelosi

A North Carolina Trump/Qanon devotee was sentenced to 28 months in prison for threatening to shoot Speaker Pelosi on January…

5 months ago

Trump Busted Using The 1/6 Mob To Pressure Pence

Trump's comments to Pence on January 5th indicated that he was using the assembling mob to pressure his vice president.

5 months ago

Ted Cruz Suddenly Denies Talking To Trump As The 1/6 Committee Closes In

On Sunday, Ted Cruz disputed detailed reporting about his conversations with Trump on  January 6th, as the 1/6 Committee is…

6 months ago

Frank Figliuzzi Connects The Rittenhouse Verdict And 1/6

Frank Figliuzzi connects the mentality that led Trump supporters to attack the Capitol to the Rittenhouse verdict.

6 months ago

WATCH: Ex-Republican Strategist Matthew Dowd Explains Why 1/6 Was Worse Than 9/11

Horrific events often have the effect of unifying the country. The attacks on 9/11 was a good example of this.…

11 months ago