HBO’s 2008 McCain Palin Campaign ‘Game Change’ Is Must See TV

Game Change HBO

It’s coming……..

Game Change, the movie is heading your way on March 10th at 9PM on HBO.

Did you read the book? If you missed it, this movie will be a bit of a shocker for you. Game Change was written by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann about the McCain campaign in 2008. Mark Halperin has been described as a bit of a Palin fan (he did call her a genius), and in a way, that just makes the revelations in the book all the more damaging. read more

In the Name of The Mother: Palinbots Rig DWTS for Bristol Palin

You Thought It Was Just DWTS, but It's 2008 Redo for the "Country" Vote! Palin for President if Bristol wins. To this end, Conservatives 4 Palin is hosting a vote-a-thon love fest with hints and clues about how to cheat the vote, because nothing says American like robbing others of their place just so you can prove that your chosen one is the most beloved, even if you have to lie to make it so!

Fox Running Scared from Carter’s Fear Mongering Accusations

Former President Carter recently called out Fox News as being a source and propagator of paranoia against Obama, including birtherism and Christianism. Even though the Right loves to make fun of President Carter, Fox was scared enough by his accusations to attempt to debunk the former President via their old Breitbart fallback of misleadingly editing footage to cover their sins. Media Matters called them out on it.

Schooling Sarah Palin on the True Meaning of Feminism

The dictionary definition of feminism is "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men." In no way do you stand for that, Sarah. In no way have you ever worked toward these goals as an elected official. In no way do you use your celebrity to accomplish these goals or even raise awareness about the inequities.

A Confused and Clueless Palin Doesn’t Know What a Stimulus Package is

Sarah Palin was on Fox News' Freedom Watch yesterday with Andrew Napolitano (the "Judge") to discuss the utter badness of Obama's stimulus package (not to be confused or repudiated with his "cajones", people---keep it clean, we leave the vulgar stuff to the Sister Sarah). So Sarah was tossin' around those buzz words like "feds bribin' the states" and she was feelin' pretty good. Sarah loves being the attack dog and it looked like she was in her element.....Until The Judge asked her if she was upset about the Bush stimulus package and TARP. This is where poor Sarah teetered and fell right off her talking points into the great abyss of Things She Doesn't Understand.

Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways

Sarah Palin is a petty, mean girl not fit for prime time. It doesn't matter if she's just a celebrity, even successful celebrities know better than to behave like this. But in Palin's case it's worse, because Palin is the person the Republican Party is seriously touting as their Presidential candidate in 2012. Over the weekend, Palin dipped a bedazzled toe into a nonsensical and stupid fight with Kathleen Gustafson, a schoolteacher.

Palin’s Phantom Pipeline Steals $500 Million from Taxpayers

On August 27, 2008, Palin signed AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act) into law awarding TransCanada 500 million dollars and a license to build and operate the $26-billion pipeline to transport natural gas from the North Slope. A license. That's all. The state will issued a license to Canadian energy company, TransCanada, and will pay it up to $500 million as an incentive to someday build this project. If the project isn't built, the state could be beholden to TransCanada for treble damages.