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Joe Scarborough Blasts Republicans For Throwing Baby Jesus Under the Bus

Joe Scarborough and the MSNBC Morning Joe crew blasted Senate Republicans today for invoking Baby Jesus and Christmas to cover up their complaints about maybe having to work on Christmas. Scarborough pointed out that millions of Americans, including the troops, will be working on Christmas, and he accused Senate Republicans of, “throwing Baby Jesus under the bus.”

Celebrity Climber Sarah Palin Doesn't Represent Middle Class

Sarah Palin’s Heartland Delusions Go Down in Flames

Yesterday our country suffered the breath-taking blow of hearing Sarah Palin announce that she thinks she can beat President Obama when she runs for President. Today, new polling data shows that the majority of Americans do not think Sarah Palin represents the middle class. That would be those “real Americans” Palin is always dropping her “g”s to ingratiate herself with. Apparently they are not as gullible as Palin hoped. So, that would be a no, you can’t, Ms Palin, regarding beating President Obama in 2012.


Tea Partiers March on Hate Group Property to Rally for Republicans

There’s nothing like a little Right Wing silliness to make a Monday complete and this Monday does not disappoint. Sunday, Tea Partiers carrying water for the GOP’s new fear mongering Get Out the Vote tactic rallied on a private ranch owned by a hate group to show support for Arizona’s Papers First Law. This is, of course, all a part of the “Obama and the Democrats don’t keep us safe” narrative, buttressed by the fear of anchor babies and general resentment of brown people which has eclipsed the Right’s fear of gay people this election season.

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