Republicans Stall the START Treaty And Dream of More Deficit Spending

Republicans claim we need an anti-missile defense system [cue to them rubbing their hands greedily together in anticipation]. But isn’t the best way to get rid of a missile threat to get rid of the missiles themselves? Oh wait, a missile defense system is another way to spend money and ratchet up the U.S. deficit. Getting rid of missiles gives Republicans less to spend money on.

The Tale of the Weepy Orangeman

In the wake of the 2010 midterm elections it is important to know who John Boehner is and what it will mean to have him as Speaker of the House. Obviously,there are some concerns with Boehner’s very old-fashioned, shall we say…conservative…positions. One might say ULTRA conservative.

New Republican Strategy: Shoot Selves in Foot

These ideologically-motivated refusals are perhaps not such a bright idea when you stop to think about it. The problem being of course, that not many people stopped to do any thinking leading up to these midterms and Republicans seem to be doing less thinking than most. It all became about rage and ideology. Nobody was thinking in practical terms. So they all decided to have a group foot shoot instead.

MSNBC is Not Fox News: Keith Olbermann Suspended for Political Donations

MSNBC announced today that Countdown host Keith Olbermann has been indefinitely suspended by the network for making political donations to three Democratic congressional candidates. Olbermann said that he didn't encourage other to donate, but the network suspended him for violating their policy against political donations. This once again proves that MSNBC is not Fox News where the money flows freely to the GOP.

Democrats Arrogantly Overestimated the Intelligence of the American Voter

The loss of the House of Representatives by Democrats this election will be analyzed to death, and there is certainly enough blame to go around regardless which group is critiqued. A great portion of the blame can be attributed to corporate infusion of cash to Republican and Tea Party candidates. However, Democrats and President Obama must accept that they too, own their fair share of blame for overestimating the intelligence of the American voter.

Obama Takes Responsibility for Democratic House and Senate Losses

During his press conference this afternoon, President Obama took responsibility for the Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives. He said, "So there is not only sadness about seeing them go but there is also a lot of questioning on my part in terms of could I have done something differently or done something more, so that those folks could still be here. It's hard, and I take responsibility for it in a lot of ways."

How Sarah Palin Lost the Senate for the Republicans

The finger pointing has already begun in the Republican Party due to their failure to win the US Senate last night. Republicans had a golden opportunity to take control of Congress, but they failed, and the blame for this failure should fall on the shoulders of one person. Sarah Palin's meddling in the races in Nevada, Delaware, and Alaska likely cost the GOP the United States Senate.

When Did the Mainstream Media Start Working for the Conservatives?

Americans go to the polls today in spite of main stream media reports that Republicans and Tea Party candidates swept every race. Usually it is only Fox News that tells their audience what the results of elections will be in advance of an election, but in this election cycle, real journalists are jumping on the Republican bandwagon in a big way.

Dear America, Why Are We Voting Against Our Own Self Interests?

As we head to the polls tomorrow, ignorant, confused citizens are intending to vote against their own self-interests. Knowing Republicans have done nothing, and campaign on doing nothing for the next two years; why are people willing to vote for them? Republicans promise to help corporations by getting rid of regulations, but that only helps the wealthy.

Supreme Conspiracy: How The Koch Brothers and Clarence Thomas Overthrew Democracy

In developing countries and dictatorships it’s not unusual or unexpected for the judicial system to be corrupt and biased. In America, it used to be a source of pride that our judicial system was fair and followed the letter of the law. Apparently, those days are gone and we are seeing the result of biased court decisions in this election cycle with unprecedented corporate donations to Republican candidates.

Rachel Maddow Meets Joe Miller and Doesn’t End Up Handcuffed

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was in Alaska tonight covering the state's three way US Senate race and unlike his fellow Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell; Joe Miller actually talked to her. Even better for Maddow, Miller's security not only didn't handcuff her, she didn't get arrested. That's probably the best thing that can be said about the strange and uncomfortable interaction between Maddow and Miller.

Georgia’s Real Mama Grizzlies Stand Up Against Nathan Deal

In Georgia, Real Women – more than 20,000 of them - are Real Mad about Nathan Deal’s history of failing to vote to protect women. In politics, the tide can turn quickly, and you never know what might cause the change. Given the state’s red hue, the Governor’s race is Georgia should have been easy pickings for Republicans. Instead, it’s proving to be a tough slog as an ethically-challenged former congressman, Nathan Deal (R), takes on a well-funded former governor, Roy Barnes.

Poll: California’s Prop 19 Has Young Voters Fired Up

An advanced look at a survey of California done by Public Policy Polling revealed that while Prop 19 is not the top reason why people are voting this year, it is inspiring young people to vote. 34% of those who described themselves as enthusiastic about voting for 19 are under age 30, and 64% are under age 45. These younger voters also favor Democrats Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown by 34 and 36 points each.

Rachel Maddow Explains How the Media Misdiagnosed the 2010 Election

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was on Meet The Press today, where she explained how the media got the 2010 election narrative about Democrats staying home all wrong. Maddow said, I think that the initial diagnosis that Democrats don't care... that they weren't going to be able to get off their hands and actually get out to the polls this year has turned out to be a little bit of, a little bit wrong."

The GOP is Living on a Prayer

The Republicans talk a lot about prayer, a natural off-shoot of their tendency to talk about God. If there was any lingering doubt about the Grand Old Party having become God’s Own Party, the 2008 elections should have dispelled it, and the lead-up to the 2010 midterms have only cemented the new Republican focus. read more

Sharron Angle Accuses Harry Reid of Giving Legal Citizens Social Security

During the US Senate debate tonight between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid, it became clear that Angle has no idea what she is talking about on Social Security when she said, "Harry Reid has voted to give Social Security to illegal aliens, not only before they were citizens but after they were citizens." Oh my God, Harry Reid gave benefits to US citizens!!! Wait, that's legal.

Rich Iott, Tea Party Candidate, Pals Around in Nazi Uniform

You can see him there with his SS pals, smiling for the camera, just like all those photos of SS guys and their pals from the 30s and 40s, smiling for the camera. It was guys in those uniforms, you see, who upheld another, earlier form of purity standard, killing millions of Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals and other “deviants” as designated by their ultra-conservative leadership.

The Tea Party Disconnect

How did American politics come to be about taking rights away from people when the founding of our country was centered on the giving of rights? And how is it that the group that rants the most about lost rights turns out to be the one most in favor of denying them to anyone else?

Tea Partiers Want Their Own Sharia Law

It is past time, as the Midterm Elections approach, that American voters look at exactly what sort of country the Tea Partiers, conservative Republicans and the Religious Right, want to give us. If you think it is in any great respect different from a country governed by Sharia law, you are wrong.

Republicans: Democrats Enslave Blacks

It’s not Democrats, after all, who marginalize and disenfranchise black or other minority voters. It’s not Democrats who are accusing America’s first black president of being a watermelon-picking white-hating racist and a Muslim. It’s not Democrats who go to Tea Party rallies and wave Confederate flags all over the place. That would be the Republicans.

Rachel Maddow Urges Democrats to Grow a Pair

On her program tonight, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow urged Democrats to get their act together and stop campaigning in fear. Maddow argued that Democrats can win based on their accomplishments, "Imagine what it would look like if they started to campaign on the actual accomplishments they accomplished." In short, Democrats need to grow a pair.

Things the Culture Warriors Don’t Want You to Know

Culture warrior Dan Coats is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Democrat Brad Ellsworth, 8th District, Indiana. Coats claim is that he is for Hoosier values and this seems to be his clarion call. However, upon examination Coats' values appeal more to the pro-business, Christian conservative, anti-LGBT and anti-choice crowd than they do to average Joes.

5 Weeks Out Polls Reveal a Surge of Support for Democrats

New polls released in Kentucky, Nevada, and California show that Democrats are making a big comeback in each state, and the tide may be turning against the GOP. In Kentucky Rand Paul has blown a 15 point lead in less than a month. In Nevada, Harry Reid is up by 5 points on Sharron Angle, and in California the Democrats in both the gubernatorial and the Senate races now lead.

Lie to Me, GOP. I promise, I’ll Believe

Republican Pledge to America

This time they will be competent, faithful, and have integrity. This time it will be different. He said so. And after all, look at the picture! There they are standing in front of a small business as they make their pledge to us, so they must care, even though they voted against small businesses. Lie to me, I promise, I'll believe.

Sarah Palin is Now As Popular As BP

A new Public Policy Polling survey of undecided voters released today shows that Sarah Palin's "leadership" may cause GOP candidates around the country to crash and burn in both 2010 and 2012. The survey revealed that 65% of undecided voters disapprove of Palin, while only 17% approve of her. To put this into context, BP has a 16% approval rating.

How the Ground Zero Mosque Could Cost the GOP the 2010 Election

Like bugs to light, Republicans are attracted to 9/11 fear mongering, and with the flap over the proposed mosque and community center two blocks from Ground Zero, the man in charge of the GOP's efforts to retake the Senate, Sen. John Cornyn suggested that the GOP is ready to make 9/11 an issue again this November, but by playing the politics of fear, the GOP could ensure failure in November.

Ben Quayle’s Conservative Values as Non-Existent as His Rent-a-Family

Ben Quayle wants voters in Arizona's 3rd Congressional District to send him to Congress. The primary is August 24 and early voters are already casting their ballots. This isn't good timing for Ben, who is a lawyer, but who apparently skipped Ethics 101 while he was in school. He's been caught out as a liar - repeatedly - in the space of just a few days. He apparently wants to see how far he can shove his foot into his own mouth.

The Hard Truth is the Tea Party Can’t Elect Anyone

There simply aren't enough anti-intellectual, conservative religious, racist and bigoted voters to pass the lunatic agenda of the Tea Party. They can believe their own spin if they wish, but even if you ignore facts they will still be there to bite you in the ass at the end of the day. This is the bleak future that the Tea Party faces in November.

2010: The GOP’s Campaign to Demonize the Unemployed

Just as some blame the rape victim for the rape, Republicans have taken to blaming the moral character of the unemployed for their joblessness. To the GOP, unemployment was not caused by the financial collapse, or years of Republican tax cut and spend policies. To the GOP, the unemployed are individuals of poor character who must be campaigned against in 2010.

Sarah Palin Embraces Corporate Welfare Socialist Tea Partier Clint Didier

In typical teabagging style, the Palin endorsed candidate (you can just fill in Clown Show Tea Bagger or Pretend Conservative, whichever you feel fits best but in this case, it’s a toss up) Clint Didier (Republican running for US Senate in Washington) was for farm subsidies before he was against them. And by for, I mean he took the money for himself, before he decided government money was evil and harmful to others and makes them dependent on the federal government.

Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley’s Right Wing Persecution Complex

Sarah Palin Smugging Up Her Endorsement of Tea Party fav Haley

Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to defend yet another persecuted Christian (aka, Tea Party favorite) in South Carolina, Nikki Haley. Haley is the front-runner in the Republican primary for Governor of South Carolina and she has been accused of having an affair with a staffer by said staffer who recently announced the affair on his blog. In reality, this isn't persecution, this is politics.

Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the RNC Throw Rand Paul under the Bus

By any standard Republican Kentucky Senate nominee Rand Paul has had a terrible week. He followed up winning the GOP nomination on Tuesday with a disastrous appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show, which he followed up with an even worse appearance on ABC's Good Morning America where he defended BP and the oil spill. Most telling is the way that his Tea Party backers, including Sarah Palin have remained silent on his comments.

Fox News Echoes Rand Paul’s Claim that Racism and Discrimination Are Rights

FNC contributor John Stossel was on Fox News' America Live today where he voiced his agreement with Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul that part of the civil rights ought to be repealed so that businesses can discriminate based on race. Stossel said, "It's time now to repeal that part of the law because private businesses ought to get to discriminate... it should be their right to be racist."

Rachel Maddow Explains Sarah Palin’s 2010 Gift to Democrats

On her MSNBC show tonight Rachel Maddow explained how Sarah Palin gave a giant gift to the Democratic Party over the weekend by Arizona's immigration law, "Sarah Palin's ecstatic endorsement of Arizona's papers please law and the governor who signed it is a very exciting moment for Democrats." Maddow explained that the GOP has been tripping itself up with immigration politics for 150 years.

Help Obama Keep Our Economy on the Highway to Recovery

This week, President Obama made it clear at a DCCC fundraiser that Republicans are to blame not only for driving the economy into a ditch, but also bringing Washington to a standstill. With the primaries coming up on Tuesday, it is time for Democrats to step and take the first step towards making sure that Republicans don't get the chance to put us back in the ditch.