Democrats Lost Because They Wasted Their Most Valuable Weapon in the Midterms

Barack Obama is still the President, and his administration's record achievements over the past five-and-a-half years were squandered by Democratic candidates intent on appearing to be more like Republicans than Democrats affiliated with a President with a record of successes.

Democrats Are Squandering an Opportunity to Expose The Republican Agenda

One of the primary reasons the GOP is so successful selling a bill-of-goods to voters is that Democrats, while campaigning on issues they fully intend on advancing if elected, are more often than not reluctant to either cite Republicans' broken promises, or inform voters of the GOP's true motivation for seeking control of the government.

Bad News for GOP: Data Links High Congressional Disapproval With High Voter Turnout

Gallup has super bad news for Republicans who rely on low voter turnout to win elections.