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Experts: U.S. is Not Protected From Russian Interference

According to lawmakers and independent analysts interviewed by the Washington Post the United States “has done little to protect itself against a renewed effort to influence voters in the coming congressional midterm elections.” It’s been over two years since Russia first interfered in the American presidential campaign and although some changes have been made in…


Secret “Dark Money” Group is Spending Big to Help Democrats Take Back the House

Secret “dark money” nonprofits are working with a previously unknown organization that is spending millions of dollars helping Democratic congressional candidates in swing districts during this election cycle. The nonprofts are buying large numbers of TV and other ads attacking swing-seat House Republicans on such issues as affordable health care and tax breaks for billionaires. This…


The Incredible Untapped Power of Single Women Voters

When Democrat Ralph Northam was elected as the Governor of Virginia, the election results highlighted a very powerful but as yet under-utilized political force:  single women. In cruising to a surprisingly easy victory Northam received an astounding 77 percent of the votes of unmarried women. And although these women make up 26 percent of the…

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