Trump Won’t ‘Tone It Down’ As He Blames Democrats and the Media

President Donald Trump said on Friday said he would refuse to “tone down” his rhetoric despite the arrest earlier in the day of one of his supporters who was charged with mailing pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and critics of the president. read more

Democrats Are Poised to Take Over More State Governments

Democrats expect to take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives this year, and they may find that they also are able to take back control of several important state legislatures.

With Donald Trump’s historic unpopularity, and favorable demographic shifts, Democrats are finding that they have a great opportunity to win back hundreds of state legislative seats across the country. During the Obama years Democrats had been decimated in midterm elections in 2010 and 2014, losing nearly 1,000 state legislative seats country-wide. read more

Students Don’t Know How to Buy Stamps So They’re Not Voting by Mail

College students often have to use the U.S. Postal Service to vote, since they don’t live where they are registered. This requires them to mail their absentee ballots to a different location.  But this is not happening as often as it should. read more

Nightmare for GOP: Many Trump Supporters Plan Not to Vote

This morning Bloomberg is reporting a nightmare scenario for the GOP’s prospects in the midterm elections. According to the business news service:

“A private survey conducted for the Republican National Committee and obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek contains alarming news for Republicans hoping to hold on to control of Congress in November: Most Trump supporters don’t believe there’s a threat that Democrats will win back the House. President Trump’s boasts that a “red wave” could increase Republican majorities appear to have lulled GOP voters into complacency, raising the question of whether they’ll turn up at the polls.” read more

Shocker: Nearly Half of Americans Think Election Counts Will Be Wrong

A new poll provides evidence that there is an increasing lack of faith in American democracy. According to a new NPR/Marist poll nearly half of American voters do not believe that their votes will be counted accurately in November’s midterm elections. In addition to that bad news, nearly 40% do not believe that U.S. elections are “fair.” read more

Democrat Andrew Gillum Leads Ron DeSantis In Florida Governor’s Race By 6 Points

Andrew Gillum leads Republican Ron DeSantis by six points in a new poll of the Florida governor's race by Republican-leaning pollster Rassmussen.

Over 100 Women May Be Elected to the House in November

Now that Nancy Pelosi is finally appearing on the cover of Time Magazine it may be true that 2018 is “the year of the woman.”

The Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives is confident that her party will win the majority of House seats in November, putting them back in power and without a doubt making her (again) the Speaker of the House. read more

The 2018 Blue Wave May Influence Swing State Governors Races

kasich governor ohio

Most people think that if there is a Blue Wave election this year it will result in Democrats taking control of one or both houses of Congress. Just as likely, however, is the chance that the Blue Wave will sweep Democrats into power in statehouses throughout the nation. In many states popular moderate Republican governors are retiring due to term limits, and the GOP candidates seeking to replace them have won primaries by tying themselves to Donald Trump. read more

New CNN Poll Shows Huge Lead for Democrats in Generic Ballot

We’ve been writing all year about the likelihood of a Blue Wave in November’s midterm elections. The latest CNN Poll findings support the notion that 2018 will indeed be the year Democrats take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and possibly the U.S. Senate as well. read more

Ohio Vote Shows ‘Republicans Are Bleeding’ and Will Get Crushed in November

Let’s put things in perspective.

In Ohio’s 12th congressional district in 2016 and 2014 the Republican candidate won by over 36 percentage points, and the Democrat didn’t even get 30 percent of the vote in either election. read more

Experts: U.S. is Not Protected From Russian Interference

According to lawmakers and independent analysts interviewed by the Washington Post the United States “has done little to protect itself against a renewed effort to influence voters in the coming congressional midterm elections.” read more

Democrats Irate as Republicans Refuse to Fund Election Security

Republicans in the House of Representatives have put forward a spending bill that excludes new money for election security grants to states, causing an outcry from furious Democrats.

Amid a firestorm of controversy about President Trump’s denial of Russian election interference there was an expectation that the House would fund a bipartisan approach that would help states protect themselves from cyber attacks and other threats to election security. read more

How A Supreme Court Battle Over Abortion Will Doom Donald Trump

The most recent Gallup poll on abortion shows that just 18% of Americans think abortion should be illegal in all situations.  And 79% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal either all the time (29%) or some of the time (50%). read more

60 GOP House Seats Are In Districts That Went for Clinton or Obama

Daily Kos Elections (DKE) has come out with some new statistics that should have Republicans shaking in their boots.  In fact, it is this kind of information that probably led Paul Ryan to announce his retirement from Congress and as Speaker of the House.  At the very least this will buoy Democratic Party optimism that they have a very good chance of retaking control of the House of Representatives this year. read more

News On the Economy Won’t Help GOP in Midterm Elections

Donald Trump was so anxious to brag about “his” latest job growth and unemployment numbers that he broke the law by tweeting about them before they were announced officially by the U.S. government.   read more

Billionaire Republican Donor Is Funding Democrats In 2018

Boston hedge fund billionaire Seth Klarman spent over $7 million donating to Republican candidates and political action committees during the years that Obama was president.  In effect, you could say that Klarman used his fortune to help the GOP take control of the government. read more

Tax Bill May Backfire on Republicans In Midterm Elections

It appears that the Republican tax message has “hit a snag.” 

Nearly four months after the GOP passed their signature tax-cut law in December, new surveys show that most people believe they are NOT getting bigger paychecks than they did before.  This could greatly reduce support seen for Republicans during this year’s midterm elections.   read more