More Than 100 Business Leaders Co-Sign Letter Urging GSA Chief Emily Murphy to Authorize Presidential Transition

More than 100 business leaders, including George H. Walker, the chief executive of the money manager Neuberger, and Jon Gray, president of the private-equity firm Blackstone, have co-signed a letter urging General Services Administration (GSA) chief Emily Murphy to authorize the presidential transition. They expressed their concern that President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede and acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory poses a great risk to the country. read more

Trump Falsely Claims Voter Fraud in Detroit is “Rampant”

Trump healthcare 60 minutes

President Donald Trump attacked the state of Michigan for the second day in a row, claiming, without any evidence, that voter fraud in the city of Detroit is “rampant.”

Voter Fraud in Detroit is rampant, and has been for many years!” the president wrote earlier this morning. His tweet was almost immediately flagged under Twitter’s civic integrity policy, which forbids users on the platform from disseminating falsehoods about elections. read more

Trump’s Continues Pushing Baseless Accusations, Claims “There Was No Way the Dems Could Have Won” Without Rigging The Election

Joe Biden wins final presidential debate

Claims that the 2020 general election was fraudulent are unsubstantiated and United States security officials have rejected President Donald Trump’s assertion that the election was rigged.

But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to claim “there was no way” Democrats could have won the election without rigging it altogether. But lose Trump did: President-elect Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes while the sitting president received 232, becoming the first one-term Republican in the executive office since George H.W. Bush. read more

Trump Falsely Accuses “Radical Left Democrats” of Attempting to “Steal” the Election

Trump's law and order message flops in new poll

President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden but has thus far refused to concede the presidential race and ordered White House officials not to participate in the transition. He has continued to push conspiracy theories and assorted falsehoods via his social media accounts and continues to assert that the election was stolen from him despite all evidence to the contrary. read more

Kayleigh McEnany Lies And Claims It’s “Constitutionally Accurate” for GOP Legislatures to Appoint Trump Electors

Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany falsely claimed that it would be “constitutionally accurate” for Republican legislatures to appoint electors who would certify the results of the 2020 general election for President Donald Trump despite his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. read more

WATCH: Arizona’s GOP Attorney General Tells Fox That Biden Will Win the State

Donald Trump and some in his orbit still have not given up on winning the White House. In order to do so he would have to have the results reversed in at least one state.

Part of his plan would also include winning the yet to be called state of Arizona. And while that possibility doesn’t look likely, it is still possible. The state‘s Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich threw some cold water on that idea today, telling Fox News that Biden will win the state. read more