Biden Launches New Ad on Last Night of RNC: America Is “The Most Powerful Idea in the History of the World”

The Biden campaign has unveiled a new ad that will air on major networks tonight, the final night of the Republican National Convention when Donald Trump formally accepts his party’s nomination.

The ad, entitled “Keep Up”, portrays a positive vision of the United States and of former Vice President Joe Biden. While there is narration, Biden provides much of the ad’s commentary himself. read more

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Says Trump Has “No Real Shot” at New Hampshire

Lincoln Project co-founder Jennifer Horn says President Donald Trump has no “real shot” at winning New Hampshire in the upcoming general election.

“I don’t think that he does have a real shot,” Horn told Anna Palmer of POLITICO’s Women Rule podcast. “I think we see that in the numbers. I think, like everything else that this president does, that his investment in New Hampshire is driven by ego.” read more

Anti-Trump Conservative Joe Walsh Wonders Why No RNC Speakers Talked About Trump as a Friend

Joe Walsh contrasted the Republican National Convention with its Democratic counterpart on Monday and highlighted that RNC speakers don’t seem to be humanizing Donald Trump.

The conservative, who strongly opposes the President, drew a distinction between the personal stories offered about former Vice President Joe Biden and the apparent lack of similar sentiments about Trump. read more

Former Government Ethics Chief Describes Republican Convention Speeches As Fascist “Grunts and Yells”

A former Director of the Office of Government Ethics has issued a stark warning about what he described as “Fascist” language at this week’s Republican National Convention.

Walter Shaub took to Twitter on Tuesday that explain why fact checking the RNC would not be effective in tackling the speakers’ visceral appeal to certain sections of the public. read more

Dr. Fauci Warns Against Rushing Out a Coronavirus Vaccine Without Proper Testing

Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned against distributing an emergency Coronavirus vaccine until proper testing can be carried out. Doing so could harm other vaccine trials, he said.

The infectious diseases expert told Reuters that releasing a vaccine before it can be proven to be effective and safe would be harmful. His comments come as President Donald Trump has pushed for just such an action. read more

Former Republican DOJ Officials Back Biden and Warn of Trump’s “Autocracy”

A group of former Republican Department of Justice officials have endorsed Joe Biden for president, becoming the latest Republicans to publicly break from Donald Trump.

The Biden campaign announced the endorsements from a bevy of former Justice Department appointees from the Reagan administration and both Bush administrations, as well as one from the President’s own transition team. read more

Michael Cohen Records Anti-Trump Ads to Air During Republican Convention

Michael Cohen has recorded a series of ads criticizing Donald Trump that will air during this week’s Republican National Convention. They will paint the President as a liar.

Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, announced on Twitter that the ads would air during the Republican Party’s key 2020 election event, where the President is expected to speak every day. read more

“Character Matters”: Florida’s Sun-Sentinel Newspaper Endorses Joe Biden

The Sun-Sentinel,  the main daily newspaper of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as surrounding Broward County and southern Palm Beach County, has endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency. The newspaper’s editorial board recommends “with enthusiasm and a sense of urgency, that voters elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the president and vice president of the United States. In so doing, the American people will answer whether our representative democracy, under the rule of law, is still worth keeping.” read more