Opinion: Florida Supreme Court Rules “Open Carry” is Not Protected By 2nd Amendment

The Florida High Court's Justices ruled that the Second Amendment does not protect that ridiculous "open carry" practice and it was another setback for the NRA’s attempts to force the nation’s courts to abolish any and all firearm restrictions as unconstitutional.

Trump Is The One American Who Warrants Losing His Citizenship

If anyone in America warrants having their citizenship revoked, it is Donald Trump; but like all Americans who aren’t naturalized, once a always a citizen, and it is too bad in Trump’s case.

GOP Admits Gun Action Isn’t Much, But They Will Wage War For The NRA

Paul Ryan promises to take the President to court to put a stop to his violating orders from the National Rifle Association.

Australians Disgusted With America Call To Boycott This Violent and Immature Nation

Some 2.1 million Australians visit the U.S. annually and the call for boycott is likely motivated as much by self-preservation as disgust

Americans Should be Allowed to View the Horror of Now-Daily Mass Shootings

Every American should have the experience of seeing the sheer terror, hear the screams, and watch the bloodletting of innocent Americans

Heavily-Armed White Oath Keepers Roam Ferguson Streets As Police Order Protesters To Disperse

On the anniversary of Michael Brown's murder, a group of heavily armed white militiamen paraded around playing army, and looking for trouble

Right-Wing Christians Take It To a New Low By Handing Out Guns In Churches

The notion of so-called Christians exposing themselves as the anti-Christs they really are is being played out in the drive to put more guns in the hands of more Americans, especially conservative Christian Americans; it is no surprise it is being advanced by right-wing Christian churches.

Seattle Pacific University Shooting Hero Debunks The NRA’s Biggest and Most Bogus Claim

The bad guy with a firearm that gunned down four innocent students at Seattle Pacific University was stopped by a good guy with pepper spray; not a gun.

The NRA Backtracks and Apologizes To Gun Fanatics That Are Terrorizing The Public

By apologizing, and acquiescing to the lunatic OCT demand for a retraction and mia culpa, the NRA made a bold statement that they support gun fanatics terrorizing the public to make a point that, one way or another, gun zealots will not rest until their 2nd Amendment rights to frighten the public into staying safely ensconced in the homes are fully secured.

Gun Advocates Are Suing a Texas City For The Right to Terrify Motorists

A Texas city is being sued in federal court for violating the heavily-armed men's 1st Amendment rights to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to terrify motorists stuck in traffic.

Gun Fanatics Express Their Support For a Mass Murderer’s Second Amendment Rights

It is a common occurrence after a mass shooting for gun zealots to rise up and defend the shooter's right to own and use firearms, including publicly displaying guns to show their solidarity with the mass murderer's 2nd Amendment right to end life.

Right Wing Extremist Uses the Bible and Star Wars To Justify a Military Coup Against Obama

The latest call to arms to overthrow the government and oust President Obama and several Democrats by military coup is being framed as a biblical David v. Goliath, colonists v. King George III, and Jedi v. Sith.

The NRA Escalates Their Campaign of Murder Behind the Disguise of Self Defense

There is a troubling new justification for the right to keep and bear arms the NRA supports and it is entrapping suspected burglars and gunning them down in cold blood with impunity as part of the NRA-written and ALEC proposed "stand your ground" or "Castle Doctrine" laws.

Another Right Wing Sheriff Threatens America With Armed Rebellion

The latest sheriff to threaten America with armed rebellion is Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr who addressed the National Rifle Association's annual meeting last week and drew praise from right-wing media including patriotic gun cheerleaders at Fox News.

Republican Governors Declare War on Civilized Society

The law defining Georgia as an uncivilized society takes effect on July 1, and among other absurdities legalizes silencers for hunting (human beings).

Treasonous Republicans Warp the Constitution To Justify Nullifying Federal Laws

Republicans persistently claimed they, and only they, adhere to the constitution regardless they routinely disregard or misrepresent the document to fit their extremist vision under Republican rule.

The Choice Between Rugged Individualism and Senseless Violence

This article is not a call to disarm; it is a call to sanity and reason, because without discourse on the conditions driving people to support the proliferation of guns, there will be more massacres.

Mitt Romney’s Sleazy Support of Ted Nugent Reveals His True Moral Character

Romney’s shameless pandering and association with Nugent should signal to Americans that he does not have the moral conviction or ethics to be president.

Stand Your Ground’s Hideous Double Standard of Prosecuting African-Americans

When an African-American makes the mistake of defending their property against a white man, as was the case in Georgia, courts have found that Stand Your Ground does not apply.

ALEC’s Stand Your Ground Gives Racists Everywhere The Right To Kill

There is no reason for ALEC to promote the Castle Doctrine in 24 states except to allow racists to kill people of color.