Stormy Daniels’ Friend Alana Evans Is Also Suing Michael Cohen

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Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is finally getting a dose of his own medicine.  Trump has always liked Cohen because he is super-aggressive and is known to try to intimidate people through threatened and actual lawsuits.And now, after allegedly calling Stormy Daniels‘ pornstar friend Alana Evans a liar, he is being threatened by Evans with a lawsuit against him, according to The Daily Beast.  (On Monday, we reported that Daniels herself has filed a lawsuit against Cohen for defamation because “he called into question her claim that she had a sexual encounter with Trump.”) read more

Rahm Emanuel: GOP Leaders Are Scared of the Tea Party

In an interview that will air on CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday night, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel waded into the civil war that is going on within the Republican Party. Emanuel refused to identify the tea partiers by name, but he described the state of the GOP as being, "at the behest of a fringe group that's taken control of their own party and their own leaders are scared of it."