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60 Minutes Bombshell: Somebody In The White House Called A Rioter During 1/6 Attack

60 Minutes Bombshell: Somebody In The White House Called A Rioter During 1/6 Attack

Former 1/6 Committee staffer Denver Riggleman said that there is evidence somebody called a rioter during the 1/6 attack from…

2 years ago

Pelosi Sends Trump Over The Edge By Telling Him That Even He Knows That He Shouldn’t Be President

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a '60 Minutes' interview that there's 'nobody in the country who knows better' than…

5 years ago

Trump Cracks Up When Asked About Russia During 60 Minutes Interview

Trump tried to blame Obama and then claimed that China meddled in the election when he was asked about Russia…

6 years ago

Trump Tantrums That He’s Not A Baby When Questioned On His Love For Kim Jong-un

Trump tantrumed that he is not a baby when he was challenged on his claim that he loves brutal North…

6 years ago

Trump Tried To Deny Climate Change, But 60 Minutes Called Out His Big Lie

Trump tried to deny climate change, without denying climate change, but 60 Minutes called Trump's favorite technique of attributing his…

6 years ago

Stormy Daniels’ Friend Alana Evans Is Also Suing Michael Cohen

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is finally getting a dose of his own medicine.  Trump has always liked Cohen…

6 years ago

Storm Clouds Are Gathering for Trump as Stormy Daniels Has Created a Whirlwind of Legal Problems

Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels problem just won’t go away.  Even though he and his attorneys have tried to silence the…

6 years ago

Republicans Realize They’ve Been Had As Trump Breaks Promise To Lock Up Hillary Clinton

Trump has broken another campaign promise as he walked back his pledge to put Hillary Clinton in jail during an…

7 years ago

The Trump/Pence 60 Minutes Interview Was A Painful Train Wreck

Donald Trump and Mike Pence gave their first joint interview, and what went down on 60 Minutes was painful to…

8 years ago

Obama Turns Donald Trump Into A Pathetic Crybaby By Explaining Why He Won’t Win

President Obama reduced Donald Trump to a pathetic puddle by explaining in less than a minute why Trump won't win…

9 years ago

A Broken Mitch McConnell Whines That President Obama Is Ignoring The Midterm Election

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been reduced to whining and complaining after being outwitted by President Obama.

9 years ago

Boehner and McConnell Bomb On 60 Minutes When Asked For GOP Alternative to Obamacare

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a disastrous appearance on 60 Minutes, the lowlight…

9 years ago

U.S. Intel Failures Have Become the Latest Republican Benghazi Hoax

Led by Fox News (again), the mainstream media's reaction to Obama's admission of American intel failures has become the latest…

10 years ago

CBS News Asks for Transcript of Their Bogus 60 Minutes Benghazi Report Deleted

While Republicans are trumping up their Benghazi hysteria, CBS News had the transcript of Lara Logan's untrue 60 Minutes Benghazi…

10 years ago

Obama Delivered a Not Too Subtle Hillary 2016 Endorsement in 60 Minutes Interview

The fact that President Obama sat down for a joint interview with Hillary Clinton was a not very subtle endorsement…

11 years ago

Obama Uses Libya Debacle to Put Romney Six Feet Under

Without using a single personal attack, Obama used Romney's disastrous handling of his remarks on the Libya attack to bury…

12 years ago

Mitt and his Rove Jr. VP Grace 60 Minutes and Honesty Was Hard to Come By

60 Minutes Romney/Ryan interview Romney & new VP questioned by Bob Schieffer TV interview exposes BS of Mitt and Paul.

12 years ago

In Major Gaffe Paul Ryan Says He Wants to Eliminate Romney’s Tax Shelters

Paul Ryan welcomed himself to the Romney campaign by claiming on 60 Minutes that he wants to eliminate the same…

12 years ago

Watch the Arguments For the Bush Torture Program Self Destruct

If successful, torture would not produce results faster than methods that are more compatible with our values, morals and the…

12 years ago

Rahm Emanuel: GOP Leaders Are Scared of the Tea Party

In an interview that will air on CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday night, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel…

14 years ago

Sarah Palin Makes Her Fox News Debut by Attacking 60 Minutes

Sarah Palin make her Fox News debut tonight on The O'Reilly Factor where she claimed that shows like CBS 60…

14 years ago

Biden: Obama Has Not Apologized for Anything

Vice President Joe Biden was profiled on CBS's 60 Minutes tonight, where defended Obama against criticism, especially from former vp…

15 years ago

Obama: Biden Can be President on Day One

Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave their first joint interview which will air on 60 Minutes tomorrow night. While Obama…

16 years ago