Rachel Maddow Burns Trump To The Ground After Biden Gets The Leader Of al-Qaeda

Rachel Maddow answered Donald Trump's claim that nobody has gotten to the bottom of 9/11 by pointing to Biden taking…

4 months ago

Trump on Osama bin Laden: He Wasn’t That Big a Monster Because He Only “Had One Hit”

Donald Trump has made it his life's work to try to top anything that Barack Obama ever did. From the…

1 year ago

WATCH: Ex-Republican Strategist Matthew Dowd Explains Why 1/6 Was Worse Than 9/11

Horrific events often have the effect of unifying the country. The attacks on 9/11 was a good example of this.…

1 year ago

Kamala Harris Delivers Tribute to 9/11 Victims and First Responders

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) delivered a tribute to victims of the September 11 attacks and the first responders who came…

2 years ago

Mike Pence Goes Full WMD and Falsely Links Suleimani To 9/11

Mike Pence pulled a page out of the Bush WMD playbook by falsely linking Suleimani and Iran to the 9/11…

3 years ago

Rep. Ted Lieu Exposes Trump’s Total Failure In Afghanistan

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) explained that Trump is so desperate for an agreement to end the war in Afghanistan because…

3 years ago

Trump’s Reaction on 9/11/01 Proved He Was Unfit to Be President

On “Morning Joe” this morning co-host Joe Scarborough told his viewers a story, reminding them that President Donald Trump reacted…

4 years ago

Trump Disrespectfully Talks Though Moment Of Silence For 9/11 Victims At Pentagon

Donald Trump talked through a scheduled moment of silence remembering 9/11 victims at the Pentagon.

5 years ago

Ignore The GOP Noise, Hillary Clinton Getting Overheated On 9/11 Doesn’t Matter

Republicans want voters to believe that Hillary Clinton getting overheated at a 9/11 ceremony is a big deal, but they…

6 years ago

President Obama the Unifier Urges Americans Not to Let Others Divide Us

President Obama memorialized the 15th anniversary of the tragic attacks on 9/11 with unifying words. The President said, "The most…

6 years ago

Hypocrite and Moral Failure Dick Cheney Attacks President Obama on the Anniversary of 9/11

On the anniversary of 9/11, Republican former Vice President Dick Cheney attacked the sitting president of the United States in…

6 years ago

The Endless War on Terror: Remembering 9/11 and Knowing Our Neighbors

In the midst of our tributes to the first responders of then and now, in our gratefulness for those who…

6 years ago

Giuliani Forgets 9/11, Says Terrorist Attacks Didn’t Happen Before Obama And Clinton

The guy who exploited 3,000 dead Americans for political gain now seems to forget Sept. 11 ever happened.

6 years ago

Saudi Arabia Not on Trump’s Travel Ban List Despite Providing 15 of 19 9/11 Hijackers

Trump's Muslim travel ban list seems then to be less about danger vectors than sources of wealth for Donald Trump

6 years ago

CNN’s Sally Kohn Calls Trump a Fascist, Invokes Hitler

The media has increasingly called out Trump rhetoric, with the Times calling him a demagogue and Sally Kohn invoking Hitler…

7 years ago

Jeb Bush Falls Apart When Asked Why He Blames Obama For Benghazi But Not W for 9/11

Jeb Bush pulled off an epic faceplant on CNN when he was was asked why he blames President Obama and…

7 years ago

Jon Stewart Slams Congress For Their Indifference To 9/11 First Responders

Jon Stewart unloaded on Congress for their seeming indifference to the plight of 9/11 first responders.

7 years ago

It’s Not War Crimes, But Bush Officials Can Be Sued For Post 9/11 Violations

According to a recent ruling by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, Bush administration officials did take part in "grave…

7 years ago

Why Republicans Want America To Forget 9/11

It is unlikely any American over the age of three or four will forget 911, but it is highly likely…

8 years ago

Remember 9/11 and Never Forget What George W. Bush’s Incompetence Did to America

As the nation remembers the American lives lost at the hands of a terrorist gang, they should take stock of…

9 years ago