Civil Liberties Not Part of the Republican Plan for America

Jeff Sessions denounced ACLU DNA on the Senate floor, and with it, the very idea of the civil liberties the ACLU defends, and which our constitution guarantees.

Children First: the Underground Railroad War Against Women’s Freedom

Back in April of 2009, anti-women’s freedoms groups won the approval for specialized license plates reading “Choose Life” in 18 states. A few states were holding out, continuing the legal fight. One of those states, New Jersey, just gave in last week to stop the financial bleeding of the endless court battles.

Republicans Talk and Hate and Offer no Solutions

You can search and search; you can look high and low, but you won't find much. Right now, the closest thing the Republicans seem to have to a real policy is orchestrating a win for Bristol on DWTS.

Republican Opposition to Abortion Based on Myths

Fundamentalist Christians claim that abortion is wrong, that their god is pro-life. But abortion isn’t condemned in the Law of Moses, and that contrary to the claims often made, the mother's life had priority over that of the fetus.

The Tale of the Weepy Orangeman

In the wake of the 2010 midterm elections it is important to know who John Boehner is and what it will mean to have him as Speaker of the House. Obviously,there are some concerns with Boehner’s very old-fashioned, shall we say…conservative…positions. One might say ULTRA conservative.

Ten Things You’ll Be Voting Against if You Vote Republican

Today is the day we go to vote in the 2010 midterm elections. The results of this election will reverberate far beyond our localities; they will affect the entire country and indeed, the entire world.

Conservative Christian Nuttiness Increases as Election Day Nears

Conservative Christians fear for this country and its future (that should be read as their privileged position in this country). They seem uncertain as to what the answer is. Do they vote? Do they pray? Do they just scream a lot and stomp their little feet?

Steering America towards Theocracy One Fetus at a Time

There is an attack on liberty in America from the corporate world, but there is a not-so-covert attack on women that is quietly steering America toward a theocracy. For example, a State Constitutional amendment on the Colorado ballot intends on extending personhood to a fetus and a fertilized ovary.

Rachel Maddow Exposes Right Wing Executioners

Days before Rachel Maddow's documentary on Dr. Tiller's murder comes out, new information reveals that a grand jury is convening to determine if his killer, Scott Roeder, acted alone or was a part of a right wing conspiracy. But it wasn't just Dr. Tiller and it may not have been a lone gunman.

Focus on the Family: Legislating Hate and Subverting the Constitution

The pros and cons of abortion aside, Dobson seems to miss one of the original purposes of the Constitution, which was to protect the American people from “excesses of democracy” of local legislatures, which tended to run roughshod over the rights of the minority.

Women of the Progressive Voting Bloc, Stand Up!

Women of the progressive voting bloc, how long have we been sleeping? I'm not sure how we got here, but our medical rights are not being honored as they should be. The administration is currently going to ban abortion coverage in the newly created Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans. This ban would prevent women with serious pre-existing medical conditions — like cancer or diabetes — from getting the abortion coverage they need to protect their health.

Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked

In the world of Sarah Palin, accusations are confessions and should always be taken thusly. Palin's outrage over the email hacker was simply one finger pointed outward while four more pointed back at herself. Palin has not only hacked a colleague's computer, but was also a party to harassing Levi Johnston's sister into getting rid of online photos during the campaign. But Palin's harassment of the Johnston family apparently did not end there. It seems that in 2008, Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign had Mercede Johnston's computer wiped clean of all photos.

Fox News Claims that the Bible Opposes Abortion

Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends delivered another one of the Fox News patented Biblical justifications for right wing policy today when he made the claim that the Bible opposes abortion. While criticizing Nancy Pelosi for having faith and being pro-life, He said, "Newsflash: the Bible does not like abortion."

While Sarah Palin Exploits Hillary Clinton Empowers

Hillary Clinton Feminist Extraordinaire

Last night, though, we were treated to an interview with Hillary Clinton on CBS's "60 Minutes". Clinton hardly dominates the media since becoming Secretary of State, so seeing her was a stark contrast to the daily Palin saturation of the news. Watching Hillary was healing, uplifting and encouraging. Hillary is the anti-Palin, and she’s out there kicking ass for us every day.

Nuns Diss Bishops by Supporting Healthcare: Only Fake Christians Left

The Nuns have came together to say they care MORE about pragmatic reality, MORE about helping people, MORE about correcting the unjust practices in the current healthcare system than they do obeying the patriarchs of the Catholic Church, who are cynically catering to political powers. This is a gift to humanity, the women’s movement, social justice, Democrats, and certainly Jesus if one believes.

Left Behind: Conservatives’ Values are Anti-American

What exactly does the modern day conservative stand for? They’ve got a lot of confusion going on there, and not too many solid, consistent values. We’ve got regression, rage, and stupidity as an on-going theme, and the omni-present hatred of the “other”.

Pro-Life Outted as Worst Approach to Reduce Abortions

The anti-abortion movement likes to talk about the culture of life, but it turns out that it is the long championed Democratic proposal of providing more resources to poor pregnant women does more to reduce abortion rates that crowing about a “culture of life” ever could.

Women Cling to Their Constitutional Rights as Republicans Pass Invasive Privacy Laws

At the same time as Republicans are fighting Healthcare Reform and Universal Healthcare for all as a socialist program and denouncing government involvement in healthcare, they are inserting themselves in between a patient and her doctor, invading the patient’s privacy and medical history, and attempting to interfere in a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion in her first trimester.

Sarah Palin’s Secret Plan to Adopt Bristol’s Baby

Levi Johnston keeps dropping bombs on Sarah Palin as in the new Vanity Fair piece where he claim wanted to secretly adopt, her teenage daughter's baby, “Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him."