Trump Tells The Boston Red Sox That Lincoln Lost The Civil War

Trump Red Sox Lincoln Civil War

Trump claimed while speaking to the Boston Red Sox at the White House that Lincoln lost the Civil War.

With Trump Leading the GOP Today is Republicans’ “Anti-labor Day”

"Only a fool harbors the ugly thought of breaking unions or tries to deprive working people of the right to join the union of their choice.”

Wisconsin Lawmaker Claims Civil War Was Fought to Further a Christian Lifestyle

Lincoln said "If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong" while the Bible says, "Slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling"

Racist Republican Leadership Absent From 50th Anniversary of Selma

One group that was glaringly absent from Selma on Saturday was any substantial representation of racist Republicans; most notably Republican leaders in Congress.

Nothing Says Patriotism Like Celebrating Lincoln’s Assassination

The League of the South "thanks Mr. Booth for his service to the South and to humanity" for his "execution of the tyrant Abraham Lincoln"

Speaker John Boehner Declares Himself Anti-Establishment Rebel And Not A Squish

Just two days after orchestrating the removal of two disloyal Florida GOP Congressmen (Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent), from the House Rules Committee, John Boehner is continuing his fight against recalcitrant Republicans. Today, Boehner tried to make the case that he was not “spineless or a squish”. In a press conference, he told NBC News that he was the “most anti-Establishment Speaker we have ever had” in the U.S. House. read more

Welcome to the Age of Authoritarianism – Sponsored by the 1 Percent

The 21st century is seeing the spread of the authoritarian principle that far from being the origin of authority, people must obey authority

GOP Privatization Would Substitute an Un-Electable Board of Directors for Democracy

Privatization is stripping powers from electable government, and handing it to the unelectable public - in other words, for profit - sector

Colorado Republican’s Claim that America Ended Slavery Voluntarily Steals Our History

Pamela Mazanec asks, "Shouldn't our students be provided that viewpoint? This is part of the argument that America is exceptional."

This Fourth of July America, Our Liberty is Under Siege From Within

We are under siege this July Fourth. We can only resist with our love of liberty, for it is liberty that is the beating heart of liberalism

A Presidents’ Day Examination Of the Monumental Hurdles that President Obama Has Overcome

Instead of waxing philosophically on the achievements of past presidents, it is worthwhile to take stock of the current President and recognize the monumental hurdles he cleared while battling Republicans who made destroying his presidency and the nation's economy their sole reason for serving in Congress.

The Republican Party and the un-Founding of America

Republicans claim to be the defenders of the Constitution; this while wishing to do away with every amendment save the Second and the Tenth- narrowing Republican goals to guns and secession.

Romney’s Tax Plan Turns the Laws of Mathematics on their Head

Ask yourself why the laws of mathematics work differently for Mitt Romney than for the rest of the universe before casting your vote in 2012

As Romney Spirals Out of Control Republicans Jump Ship to Obama

There is an unspoken group of voters who are never talked about. These people have abandoned Mitt Romney, and have become Republicans for Obama.

We the People Trumps I am the Lord Thy God

A visit to the National Mall leaves you with the impression that it was "We the People" and not "the Lord thy God" which inspired our government

Why Sarah Palin Isn’t Abraham Lincoln

Comparisons of Sarah Palin to Abraham Lincoln are absurd. It takes more than stacking wood as a child to make another Lincoln. Facts allow no such comparison.