Rush Limbaugh Blows a Gasket and Hallucinates An Obama Crime Over the ACA

The Republican Party is spiraling out of control, and now Rush Limbaugh is hallucinating crimes being committed by President Obama in support of the ACA.

President Obama Calls Out The Media For Grossly Misleading Coverage of The ACA

President Obama called out the media today for misleading the American people with inaccurate stories about people having their health insurance canceled due to the ACA.

A Pittsburgh Woman Picks Up the Phone and Saves Big Thanks to ObamaCare

Gail Roach, a 57-year-old retired Pittsburgh School Board employee, is going to pay just $1.11 a month for health insurance thanks to ObamaCare.

President Obama Shatters The Great Republican Lie: The ACA Isn’t About a Website

President Obama obliterated the great Republican lie. The president said that the ACA isn't about a website. It's about giving millions of Americans the same chance to get affordable healthcare.

Disaster for the GOP as Republicans Are Flocking to a Key Obamacare Benefit

The Republican effort to repeal Obamacare may hit a brick wall in their own party as 62% of young Republicans are signing up and staying on their parents' health insurance

Scott Walker Screws Wisconsin as He Vows to Violate Federal Healthcare Law

Ignoring the looming November 16 deadline for states to submit plans for their health insurance exchanges, Walker is going to wait for the 'next president' and Congress to repeal it.

Why Repealing the Affordable Care Act is a Terrible Idea Even By Republican Standards

If elected president, Mitt Romney promises to repeal ACA. Most people have not read the act and don't realize its importance to the nation.