Occupy DC’s Tent of Dreams Withstands The Police’s Eviction Attempt

The police had promised an eviction of the Occupy DC protesters, but in a surprising turn, they opted for leaving without evicting anyone.

The Chilling Effect of ACTA

Proponents of SOPA, PIPA and their treaty version, ACTA can deny that these bills call for internet censorship, but a lie by any other name remains a lie.

We the People Call On Congress To Stop Obstructing The Closure Of GITMO

Nothing about Guantanamo Bay is consistent with "protecting who we are." Ever since GITMO, torture and rendition became accepted policies, and our civil rights have been under constant attack.

What Gingrich’s Open Marriage Debate Hissy Fit Says About GOP Family Values

Rather than addressing the question Gingrich used the classic conservative tactic of attacking the media, which reveals a lot about the GOP's family values.

January 18th: The Day The Internet Strikes Back At SOPA And PIPA

One doesn’t need to have a law degree to understand that if you like internet access in China, you’ll just love SOPA and PIPA.

Ron Paul: The Poster Boy For The GOP’s Assault On Compassion

Ron Paul is a poster boy for the GOP’s complete lack of compassion. The ideology of the GOP suggest that compassion is a character flaw.