The GOP’s Cure For its Messaging Problem (Humor)

Republicans blame the media for their messaging problem, but they have a plan to fix that.

John Boehner: The Corporate Dummy Who Mouths The Message Of His Masters

John Boehner is nothing more than a dummy mouthing the message of his corporate ventriloquist.

Republicans Attack the Voting Rights of People They Say They Need to Reach Out To

What a coincidence. Republicans talk about outreach to the same people whose votes they are trying to suppress.

The Koch Brothers Have a Shiny New Propaganda Machine

Since buying politicians wasn't enough, the Koch brothers are busy developing a shiny new propaganda machine complete with Koch think tanks and Koch owned media

Fox News Viewers Threaten Woman for Challenging Their Beloved Rape Culture

Fox News viewers responded to the idea that real men don't rape with racial epithets and death threats.

GOP Logic: Health Care Mandates are Evil but Gun Mandates are Necessary

Why waste time teaching kids how to read when the NRA will fund mandatory programs to teach kids how to use a gun? That's just one version of efforts to mandate gun ownership and training.

The GOP’s Multi-Pronged War On Women Meets International Women’s Day

International Women's Day celebrated the advances women have made - despite the Republican Party's efforts to drag us back to the days when freedom was reserved for white men.

Cuts that Humiliate the Poor Are the Republican Drug of Choice

Ever so desperate for the buzz that comes from humiliating the poor, Republicans want to people on social assistance to swap their constitutional rights for food.

University of North Carolina Threatens to Expel Rape Victim for Seeking Justice

Victim shaming takes on a new dimension at UNC where a victim of rape is threatened with expulsion for seeking justice.

The Future of the Voting Rights Act Depends on One Supreme Court Justice

In reality the future of the Voting Rights Act depends on whether Justice Kennedy places a higher priority on states' rights, or the rights of millions of Americans to vote.

Defeat of Republican Efforts to Steal Elections Hinges on SCOTUS Voting Right Act Case

The SCOTUS will hear arguments Shelby County Alabama v. Holder on Wednesday. The facts of 2012 alone should make this an easy ruling in favor of upholding the VRA including Article 5.

The GOP’s version of VAWA Should be called the Defense of Violence Against Women Act

The House GOP's watered down version of the VAWA is more about preserving their bigotry than anything about protecting women from violence.

Whistleblowing Cop Fired for Exposing Alleged Plot to Kill the President

A Richmond Police Officer was fired for telling the media about an alleged plot to kill the President by fellow law enforcement officers.

When Republicans Govern, Government is the Problem

North Carolina's Governor, Pat McCrory is a classic example of why when Republicans govern, government is the problem.

Unlike Republicans, Obama Talks To Regular Americans About Transparency on Drones

Barack Obama discussed drones during a Google Chat. Can anyone imagine a Republican President reaching out to people on social media, let alone discuss policy?

Wall Street’s Badge of Honor to Elizabeth Warren

Being called extreme by Wall Street is Elizabeth Warren's badge of honor. It means she's effective and they know it.

What Scares Republicans More Than Paying Workers a Living Wage? Voting Rights

There's one thing that scared Republicans more than the President's SOTU remarks on the economy - his comments on voting rights.

Obama’s Attack on Medicare Fraud Reaps Record Results for Second Year in a Row

By attacking Medicare Fraud instead of benefits, the Obama Administration cut healthcare costs by billions for the second year in a row.

Rand Paul Shows Off His Tea Party Book Learnin’ and Still Comes Off Better than Rubio

As the Tea Party's 2nd choice, Rand Paul out performed Marco Rubio and his magic gulp.

Obama’s Use of Drones is Not Analogous to Bush’s Torture Program

The comparison to Bush's torture program is categorically false - not only from a legal standpoint on the use of drones vs. the use of torture, but also with respect to transparency and oversight.