Top Democrat Compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

James Clyburn on NBC

The number three ranking Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives was seen today on TV comparing the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler.

The “First Look” segment of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” played a clip of South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn expressing his concerns that the current occupant of the White House represents the “greatest threat to democracy” seen in his lifetime. read more

Sean Spicer Thinks The Problem With His Hitler Lie Was That It Wasn’t ‘On Topic’

Sean Spicer Hitler

"Clearly, I'm aware of [the atrocities of the Holocaust]," Spicer said. "I should've just stayed on topic"

Donald Trump Channels Adolf Hitler to Attack the ‘Lying’ Press

Hitler used to refer to the lying press of his enemies, as in the "Marxist Lügenpresse," while today Trump, disturbingly, does the same

American Nazis Rising as Trump’s Armed Brownshirts to Target Jews

"We are planning an armed protest against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either. We will be busing in skinheads from the Bay Area.”

The ‘Plain Folk’ Have Gotten Their Wish: a White House ‘Adorned by a Downright Moron’

"On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire...and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

Like Americans and Trump, Some Germans Weren’t Fooled by Hitler’s Populism Either

As you can see from the 1932 photo montage above, not all Germans were fooled by Hitler. The caption reads, at the top, “The Meaning of the Hitler Salute,” and if you travel down the page, below the image representing big corporations handing Hitler “millions” it says, “Millions Stand Behind Me!” Below that, “Little man asks for big gifts.” read more

Move Over Trump: Adolf Hitler Said He Would ‘Make Germany Great Again’

"He told people that he would make Germany great again. He blamed Jews, Socialists, Communists, and others for the troubles of the land."

If It Walks, Talks, and Acts Like Nazis – Call “Alt-right” Nazis, Not Racists

“What, if anything, distinguishes the alt-right from more hidebound racist movements such as the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. The answer is very little."

Godwin’s Law Is Wrong: Trump Nazi Comparisons Are Legit

"Trump supporters are sending messages threatening to send me and my ‘ilk’ to the gas chambers and ‘get ready for the trains.’”

Trump Supporter Shouts “Sieg Heil” As African American Protester Is Removed

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later, but although everyone knew it was coming it was still a little disconcerting to hear an official Nazi call for idol worship and victory at a political rally for the Republican frontrunner for the party's presidential nomination.

CNN’s Sally Kohn Calls Trump a Fascist, Invokes Hitler

The media has increasingly called out Trump rhetoric, with the Times calling him a demagogue and Sally Kohn invoking Hitler and fascism

Not Just Trump: Republicans Embrace Hitler’s Nazi Tactics to Target Muslims

ted cruz donald trump

Trump is not alone. Increasingly, Republicans are calling for concentration camps to be built to house Syrian refugees for now

Mike Huckabee Compares President Obama To Nazis Exterminating Jews

Huckabee, who believed in diplomacy for white presidents, claims that Obama "will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven"

Nazi-Friendly Rick Wiles Says Our Government is Run by Nazis

No, our government is not run by Nazis, but I have no doubt that if it was, Jim Bakker and Rick Wiles would be the first to join

Extremist Conservatives Echo The Dangerous Movements of Decades Past

There is a gross misconception among the people and pundits alike that extremism in the Republican Party is limited to one wing of the conservative movement.

Republican Congressman Compares Obama To Hitler For Not Attending Paris Unity Rally

If you were wondering how long it would take for a Republican to invoke Adolf Hitler in the made-for-Beltway-media controversy surrounding the White House's nonattendance at the Paris Unity Rally over the weekend, you got your answer Monday evening.

Jessa Duggar Blamed Darwin for Holocaust But Should Look in Her Bible Instead

Jessa Duggar owes her religion to the anti-Semitic Martin Luther. But Darwin, who lived three centuries after Luther, is to blame for anti-Semitism?

Beck Compares Revelation of Chris McDaniel’s Racism to Bogus Protocols of Elders of Zion

There can be no possible comparison between what was said about McDaniel and the Protocols, because what was said about McDaniel is true: he is a racist

Neptune: The Allied Invasion of Europe and the D-Day Landings

Craig L. Symonds' Neptune: The Allied Invasion of Europe and the D-Day Landings, is not a blow-by-blow account of the D-Day invasions, but rather a blow-by-blow account of all the decisions and events that went into making D-Day possible.

Republicans Are Following The Nazi Model of Forced Marriage for Women To the Letter

The Nazi goal, like the religious right and patriarchs in conservative ranks, was to send women into domestic servitude married, serving their husbands every whim, and giving birth.