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Activists Warn Fox News Advertisers That Bill O’Reilly’s Firing Was Just The Beginning

Activists Warn Fox News Advertisers That Bill O’Reilly’s Firing Was Just The Beginning

Activists are calling the firing of Bill O'Reilly what it really is, a victory over a serial sexual predator, but…

7 years ago

Rush Limbaugh’s Business Model Is In A State Of Collapse Thanks To Advertiser Boycott

Rush Limbaugh's business model is in a state of collapse as years long advertiser boycott shows the power of decency.

8 years ago

With All of His Advertisers Gone, Rush Limbaugh Becomes A Right Wing Welfare Bum

Rush Limbaugh's advertisers have deserted him, and the only way his radio remains financially sustainable is by being bankrolled by…

11 years ago

Rush Limbaugh Sent Reeling After 3 More Advertisers Dump His Show

Rush Limbaugh responded to losing advertisers The Gap, SarahCare, and Sam's Club by doing the exact thing that is causing…

12 years ago

Advertiser Boycott Rages On as eBay Dumps Rush Limbaugh

You may have forgotten about it, but Rush Limbaugh is still losing advertisers. Today, eBay announced that they are no…

12 years ago

As His Empire Crumbles Limbaugh Dares Boycotters With New Sandra Fluke Attack

Rush Limbaugh desperately tried to save his crumbling empire today with a new conspiracy theory and an attack on Sandra…

12 years ago

Rush Limbaugh Blames Bill Maher for the War on Women

Refusing to be held accountable for his attack on Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh has instead blamed the War On Women…

12 years ago

Rush Limbaugh Blames Women Who Use Birth Control for Student Loan Debt

Rush Limbaugh's latest attempt to win back departed advertisers is to claim that student loan debt is caused by women…

12 years ago

Only 7 Advertisers Have Replaced the Nearly 170 That Left Rush Limbaugh

On his radio show Rush Limbaugh admitted that he has gotten exactly 7 new advertisers to replace the nearly 170…

12 years ago

Better Pizza, Better Boycott: Papa John’s Drops Rush Limbaugh

Despite the fact that Rush Limbaugh and his P.R. offensive have declared the boycott over, Papa John’s has dropped Rush…

12 years ago

Boycott Squeezes Harder as 31 More Advertisers Want Nothing to Do With Rush Limbaugh

A second list is being circulated that features 31 advertisers who want their advertising moved away from Rush Limbaugh’s show.

12 years ago

The Advertiser Boycott Hurts and Rush Limbaugh Is Starting To Squeal

As he continues to lose money, Rush Limbaugh tried to stop the bleeding by squealing about AstroTurf and how the…

12 years ago

98 Advertisers Pull Ads from Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh

The toxic environment that right wing talk radio has created is now destroying it as Premiere Networks is circulating a…

12 years ago